Ricky Williams – August 2016


ALUMNI RETREAT IN BOLIVIA Just a couple of weeks ago I was privileged to speak at the BMA Bolivian Bible Institute´s Alumni retreat.  The topic of “Not looking back” from Luke 9:62 was the theme. I enjoyed sharing six m essages with about 15 alumni in those days. Fellowship and sports activities were some added times of […]

Rivers of Blessing


The M.S. Arrington River Boat of the BMA in South America By Buddy Johnson There is bad news and good news concerning the Arrington riverboat in South America. The bad news is that its hull rotted and the motor ruined. During the past ten years, the Arrington has made many trips up and down the […]

Hales Family Happenings – July 2016


Jesse and Rebecca Hales Dominican Republic It is always encouraging when one ministry has developed enough where you can somewhat transition out of it and into another one.  When we first moved here to the Santo Domingo area Rebecca focused most of her ministry time in helping the children’s ministry in Manoguayabo.  That ministry has […]

Ricky Williams’ Newsletter


Roof for Multi-Use Facility Started As you can see in the photo, work has begun!  Thanks to the generous offerings of one church in Texas, five columns will be built.  Two columns have been poured and work on the other three progresses. That just leaves seven (7) left to raise funds for. In case you […]