Ron Chesser Announces His Retirement as Executive Director of Ministers Resource Services

As confident as I was in December, 1999 of becoming the Executive Director of Ministers Resource Services (MRS), the retirement agency of Baptist Missionary Association America (BMAA), I am equally confident that it is now the time for me to announce my retirement. My retirement will be effective May 31, 2018. I am allowing this […]

A Golden Opportunity May Soon Appear

You’ve heard about the effectiveness of our overseas churches when they begin a low power fm Lifeword Community Radio Station. But American churches haven’t been able to use this wonderful evangelistic tool because the FCC rarely allows new applications for licenses (It’s only happened twice in the past 15 years or so). With President Trump’s […]

Dominican Republic Hurricane Update

By Jesse and Rebecca Hales Many have asked how Matthew effected our ministry in the Dominican.  I was told by our pastors that there were no lasting effects at any of our churches.  The Haiti side of the island faired far worse.  If you’re interested, please contact BMA missionary Bro. Poirier to find out […]

Ballard’s October Newsletter

By Danny & Rita Ballard A Brief Testimony from Sister Mary Ann Diotay, wife of Pastor Rex Diotay from Honda Bay Baptist Church.  She says, “I praise God for the VSM team introducing our youth to SOAP journaling and for giving me the wisdom to handle the youth in SOAP journaling and small group. We […]

Update from the Lingles

First Buddhist Funeral: Our helper’s father past away last week. He was working on a large truck tire and it exploded. The cremation ceremony was a lot different than I expected. It started with about an hour of chants from the monks. After that they passed out flowers to everyone to lay in the casket. That […]