A Golden Opportunity May Soon Appear

You’ve heard about the effectiveness of our overseas churches when they begin a low power fm Lifeword Community Radio Station. But American churches haven’t been able to use this wonderful evangelistic tool because the FCC rarely allows new applications for licenses (It’s only happened twice in the past 15 years or so).

With President Trump’s selection of Mr. Ajit Pai to head up the FCC, conservatives finally have a friend in the FCC who MAY give us a new open enrollment period for LPFM’s here in the USA. If it happens, the application window  will likely only be open for a couple of months…and we may not get much advance notice.
If you think your church might benefit from havimg a 100 watt FM station to serve a 10 mile radius around your church (much more on many cases), you should do your research NOW and be ready to file an application “at the drop of a hat”, so to speak. Figure it will take $10,000-$15,000 to get an LPFM up and running. An absolutely bargain basement price for having your own community radio station.
We also suggest you and your church family write to Director Pai, asking him to open an application window for new lpfm stations.
Don’t let this possibility pass you by! Lifeword will help you with initial planning ideas…and programming materials and ideas for when you get on thw air. To diacuss the idea and get an informational starter kit, call Rick Russell or Luis Ortega at 501.329.6891 or email rick@lifeword.org.
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