A Meaningful Way to Honor Your Mother

Smiling daughter with her motherBy Charles Attebery
Executive Director BMA Foundation

Are you looking for a more meaningful way to honor your mother on Mother’s Day this year? Why not make a contribution to the BMA Foundation in her honor? Your contribution will never be spent. It will be invested, and only the earnings from the contribution will be used to help all or any of the BMA departments and agencies as you specify. If your mother is deceased, a contribution to the Foundation in her memory would be most appropriate and meaningful.

Your contribution can help BMA Missions send missionaries throughout the world; help Lifeword Media Ministries spread the gospel by radio, television and the internet; help DiscipleGuide provide much-needed resources to BMA churches; help BMA Theological Seminary train pastors, teachers and missionaries; help Ministers Resource Services provide retirement services to pastors, church staff members and denominational employees; and help the Moral Action Agency articulate our beliefs on very important issues of our day. In assisting these departments and agencies, you will be helping build God’s Kingdom as the departments and agencies assist BMA churches in carrying out the Great Commission.

Contributions should be mailed to P.O. Box 1188, Conway, Arkansas 72033, along with contact information for anyone you would like us to notify regarding your contribution.

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