A Word of Thanks

From a listener of Lifeword’s English Broadcast

Just a word of thanks for the daily LifeWord message…last week one of your quick focus messages came on while I was helping a friend with a store remodel…one of the men from corporate was there and we were side by side…I cannot recall what exactly you said, but it caused this man to ask if I read the Bible…even a goof like me could have driven a truck through that opening!  The next day he asked me if I knew John 11.  I replied I did, he asked how.  I replied, I just like to read the Word and try to learn a little every day.  He then asked me to explain John 11, (I’m betting the devil loved that question) then John’s portrayal of Jesus.  We spent nearly a week together, talking every day.  Thanks for allowing Jesus to speak through you, and open doors for others.  I deeply appreciate your commitment to the Kingdom!

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