June Update from Todd & Tina Cox

Summer is in Full Swing!!

School is out, summer is here and we are busy at StonePoint Church in North Georgia!! Much is going on here and we are excited to be writing to everyone and catching you up on how things are going at our mission here and our church plant – StonePoint Church. We are partnering with local ministries, hosting mission teams, reaching our community, praying for our community, and making disciples.

First of all we want to say “Thank You” for your continued prayers and support. Without your support we couldn’t do what we do and we are thankful that God is working through our partners to help support us in so many ways. In April, we asked many of you to be praying for God to lead more families to us and specifically for someone to lead music for us and to help me more with ministry locally. We mentioned the need again with many at the National Meeting in Gatlinburg and God answered our prayers the following week! It’s an amazing story. I’ll try to keep this short and sweet.

Last year when we moved to the area, I posted on Facebook that I was looking for a place to get my haircut. A friend of mine from high school responded with a recommendation of a place called Mace and told me the owner Felisha was great. Well I hadn’t seen my friend in 25 years but we were Facebook friends and I didn’t know she lived in the area we were moving to. I took her advice and went to get a haircut. I began getting to know Felisha and we talked about many things and most of our conversation would revolve around church and our faith. She began coming to our LifeGroup and began to get more and more involved. This year, she offered up her salon to host another LifeGroup on Tuesday nights and we were able to meet more of her family that are now coming to church.


Broom Newsletter – June

Greetings from Ghana West Africa!

We are now back in Ghana from our furlough.  We arrived on May 4th and we’ve been busy ever since then.  We really enjoyed our time in the states and are so glad that we were able to visit with so many churches, associations, WMA and GMA meetings!  The time passed by so fast!  We would like to thank all of the churches for inviting us to come and share what God is doing in Ghana.  The hospitality everywhere we went was awesome!  Thank you all for your support, prayers, and encouraging words, we appreciate it so very much!

Since we’ve been back in Ghana we have been so proud of how the work here has progressed while we were away.  We have been teaching and training for four years and they have shown us how much they have learned and we are so very proud of the leadership for moving the work forward.

The Bible Institute has made lots of progress within the last couple of years.  In the beginning, Mrs. Celia started the degree program and last September the first group of students graduated with a degree in Religion.  As of now,  new students enrolled in January while we were in the states and had completed 4 classes by the time we arrived back in Ghana.  Mrs. Celia trained Enoch Yaw Adusei to be the director of the school and he has done a fantastic job of managing the finances as well as the scheduling, enrollment, and even some building projects along the way.  He has hired teachers for the degree classes as well as for the certificate level classes.  The auditorium that was started just before we came to the states is well on its way to completion.  Today they are working on completing the cement floors and beginning to build restrooms for the facility.  As a matter of fact, the first meeting was held in the auditorium last week!

We have also visited several churches and church plants since we have been back.  A couple of weeks ago we visited a church plant that had just gotten started when we left for the states.  This is the one that we mentioned at several churches that we visited where they had baptized 25 people.  There were 90 in attendance the day we visited and they are really excited about sharing the Gospel in the area of Komfookrom.  The pastor that is working in that area is Pastor Amoako Robbet and he is doing a great job working with the people there.

From now until the end of September is going to be very busy for us.  We will be hosting a VSM team, a BMMI team, and the Water for Christ team. Then in September Celia will be teaching in Tanzania along with Delores Lovell, Diane Spriggs, and Valarie Fish.  We are looking forward to the teams coming as well as the trip to Tanzania!  Please pray for everyone as they travel.

We would like to thank everyone for their support, prayers, and encouragement as we minister in Ghana.  We would not be able to do what we do, without the support of the churches and the associational work.  May God richly bless all of you is our prayer.

Hales Newsletter – June 2016

Jesse and Rebecca Hales
Dominican Republic

Those of you who read our newsletter last month know that it was more difficult than normal. That is not the case this month. In fact, God has opened the door for us to directly minister in one of those situations and we have seen some promising moves to restoration and reconciliation there. We are still praying for this and the other situations.

This month has been full of different activities.  There are always the different meetings with youth leaders and children’s workers as well as the other normal ministry opportunities.  We had the privilege to add to that a visit from part of the choir at Oklahoma Baptist University.  They blessed us with a special children’s service at one of our churches and a special concert at another one.  There was also a multi-church youth meeting that did my heart good when I saw the great turn out with standing room only and the great attitude and participation from the youth.  We had another visit to the Juvenile Detention Center with that ministry.  Pray we can help establish more of a discipleship ministry there.  Last but not least, Rebecca has started helping to coordinate a first ever joint VBS program for the churches here.  This is a big step toward better cooperation between the different children’s ministries in the churches as well as making the VBS ministry more reproducible.  Thank you for your continued prayers for this and the rest of the ministry here.

Those of you who read our newsletter last month know that it was more difficult than normal.  That is not the case this month.  In fact, God has opened the door for us to directly minister in one of those situations and we have seen some promising moves to restoration and reconciliation there.  We are still praying for this and the other situations.


June Update – Todd & Tina Cox

Exciting things are coming but…

Hello everyone! We have so much we want to catch everyone up on and I promise we will share more in a week or so. We have a mission team here right now from Brister Arkansas and God is doing great things and we want to share with you but this update we specifically want to share some pressing needs we have.

Most everyone understands the constant needs for missionaries to raise funds and to generate outside support from partnering churches and individuals to help us until we grow internally to a level that we can match the support we need. We are grateful for the generosity of all of our supporters. We are still in pre-launch mode and have upcoming Preview Services that will get us ready for our targeted Launch this fall. However, ministry takes much resources to reach the people God has called us to reach.

Here are some specific ways you can help us directly.
We still need monthly financial partners.
We currently are about $1100 per month short of our basic funding.
Can your church or family help us with a monthly partnership of $50, $100, or more per month?
If 11 partners would commit to $100 per mo we would be fully funded.
If 22 partners would commit to $50 a month we would be fully funded. – Every bit helps!!
Pressing Projects – Would your church or business consider sponsoring a partial or complete item in these projects?
Sound system for our Preview & Launch Services – estimated cost = $5000
T-shirts for outreach and service events – $1100
Signs and banners, Door Hangers, Invite Cards for our upcoming Preview & Launch services – estimated costs – $1000



Lingles Newsletter – June 2016

By Brandon & Brittney Lingle

Judson James Lingle!

Baby JJ is here! He was born June 3rd 12:44pm. JJ was 7.3lbs and 20.5 inches long. Brittney did great! He came a little early (He was 38weeks). We are so glad he is here. What a blessing!

Born With a Lung Infection: 

About an hour after Judson was born, the doctors noticed fast breathing and his chest swelling. They did an x-ray and found out that he had an infection in his lungs and air in his chest. The infection caused his left lung to collapse. The extra air leaking into his chest was coming from a hole in his lung.

They immediately sent him to the NICU and did emergency procedures to get him stable. The nurses then called me (Brandon) to come to the NICU. When I got there they sat me down in a chair. I could see him through the window. There was a flashing red light above his bed, and an alarm going off. I noticed all the nurses and doctors rushing around him. I probably was just sitting there for a few minutes, but if felt like hours.

Finally, the doctor came and talked to me. She calmly explain what was going on. He had Pneumothorax. They don’t know where the infection came from. Everything seemed bizarre to them. I didn’t want to ask, but I had to… What are his chances of survival? The doctor at that time told me 50/50. My heart sank. I slowly walked back to our hospital room. I didn’t know how I was going to tell Brittney. I knew I needed to be strong and hopeful. I thought I could, but when I arrived and started talking I couldn’t… That was the time when my emotions came out. I felt so bad for her while I was trying to keep it together. I didn’t want to upset her. During that time we had prayer with our friends Jo and Jessie. Even though it was a sad and scary time, I can say we had a sense of peace and comfort in God. We know He is sovereign and good.

So now, about a week later he is still in the NICU. He is doing much better, and has improved a lot! The doctor herself said “it is a miracle from God” that he is responding good and is very strong. The doctor was right! There have been so many people… READ THE FULL NEWSLETTER HERE.

Hales Family Happenings – May 2016

By Jesse and Rebecca Hales
Dominican Republic

With the headlines in the news now days it seems like sensible people need some encouragement.  To be honest though this has not been the month to write a very uplifting report full of rainbows and sunshine.  In fact, this month had an ongoing theme of real heartbreak and problem finding, you know, the real devastating kind.  It has been my experience that ministry (no matter location) starts to make a difference when it starts to get dirty.  There is no such thing as sanitized service to God.  With that in mind we strive to put on the whole armor of God and get it dirty.  I’m talking teenage boy’s nasty gym socks kind of dirty (no offense guys).  God doesn’t give us armor so we can polish it and make it look pretty.  He is not elbowing angels and saying “look at that shiny little saint.”  Oh friends, please help us pray that He will give us a dirty faith accompanied with His wisdom and strength.  We desperately want to make a difference here and see Him glorified.  He is where our encouragement comes from and our victory lies.

A few weeks ago at the dinner table the conversation turned to explaining to Colton that there are people all around the world that pray for us and for the people here. I tried to emphasize they (you) also pray for him. The look on his face showed that he was quite taken aback and impressed with this new found knowledge. I then took it a step further and dared to ask him what he would like people to pray about when they pray for him. He thought about it a minute and then explained that he would like you… CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL NEWSLETTER.

News From Ricky Williams


Our Bible Institute in Aquismón, Mexico and her extension courses across Mexico continually struggles to have sufficient funds for operation and upkeep. One plan that is helping is the rental of the property to church groups during the summer or on weekends for Christian meetings and summer camps.  Those funds help with maintenance and new projects at the institute.  Converting the basketball court into a multi-use area by roofing it would greatly enhance the rental of the property for camps.  Presently we have funds for two columns out of the ten columns needed. Would you consider giving any amount toward this project.  The remaining eight columns cost a total of $3,700 dollars or approximately $470 dollars each. That one time offering will help us erect the remaning columns. If you would like to give, send that offering marked “Roof Fund for Ricky Williams Special Project Fund” at BMAA Department of Missions in Conway, AR.

Theological Education in Latin America

How seriously to do you take 2 Timothy 2:15? The ESV expresses it this way, “Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved….rightly handling the word of truth.”  I have encountered some of the finest students of His Word as I travel across Latin America sharing courses from our BMAT seminary and her teachers.  Some are pastors while others are lay workers.  But they are doing their best to be approved workers before the Lord. Although the teachers at BMATS give graciously of their time to teach, their are expenses incurred.  While we try to do most of the classes via internet to avoid costly airfare, sometimes certain classes require in-person teaching.  This year I will be travelling to Bolivia and Peru. The trip to Bolivia is to speak at their alumni retreat and then the next week I will hop over to Peru to be with Dr. Charley Holmes to coordinate a class on Homiletics there as well as across Latin America.  The total cost is 1200 dollars for the airfare.If the Lord impresses upon your heart to help, send that offering marked “Bolivia/Peru airfare” to the office of missions of the BMA in Conway. Any amount would be appreciated.

Lingle’s Newsletter – May 2016

By Brandon and Brittney Lingle

Hey Supporters!

Greetings from Khao Yai (Big Mountain)! We just took a little family vacation 2 hours north east of our home. We enjoyed a nice 2 night getaway before the new baby comes. We have a video for you at the end of the newsletter to show you all we experienced. We had so much fun spending family time together.

Teaching at North Bangkok University:
We have started teaching english in a University near our home. The focus is building the students confidence in speaking english. So we meet every Wednesday for a few hours and talk. It has been fun meeting new people and learning about their lives through them practicing english with us.

In the picture is our group from last week. We hope to grow the number of our students and eventually invite them to our homes for “english night.” That will involve eating together, games, and hanging out so students can practice their english with us. During those nights we will be praying for opportunities to share the gospel with the college students.

Thai New Year (Songkran)

We celebrated Songkran a few weeks ago. It’s basically a week long water fight.. You can google it. It is the hottest month of the year so playing with water is ‘cool’. I don’t have any pictures of us playing with water guns because I didn’t want my phone to get wet, but above is a picture of Josie hanging out with her “Aunties” (they are teaching her to call them that).

Brittney has a story to tell…
As I was out for a walk with Josie early one morning during this time. There was a big ceremony going on in the neighborhood. A monk was there chanting a blessing over the neighborhood and many people had come out to ask blessing from him for the new year. Of course as I passed by all the children ran and flocked around Josie in her stroller, I began to talk with them and their parents about… CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL NEWSLETTER

Hales Family Happenings – April 2016

By Jesse and Rebecca Hales
Dominican Republic

It has been an exciting and crazy month since we reported to you last.  First, Bro. David Dickson (the famous field director in Latin America for the BMA) came to visit us.  It is always encouraging and motivating to get to sit down and talk with him face-to-face.  He has a lot of experience and wisdom to glean from.

After he left we had the privilege of hosting a team from Central Baptist Church in Conway, AR who came to help hold a VBS at the Nagua church.  This is the church Rebecca grew up in and we already knew most of the people on the team.  It was a lot like having family to come help.  It ended up being the biggest VBS the church had seen in a long time.  Hearts where touched and the Gospel was presented every day, even to the mothers who came with their kids.  The local teachers were very encouraged and picked up a few new ideas.  One of the most encouraging things that happened as a result of their trip actually happened with one of the translators.  He is a youth leader at one of our other churches here.  During the trip he realized that God had been calling him to work with kids.  He has since started working in the children’s ministry at his church where before there was only one overworked and overwhelmed teacher holding down the fort.  This is a clear answer to prayer that I am sure will have a lasting impact.

After this team left, my parents came to visit. I don’t think Mom knew just how busy Colton was going to keep her as they played nonstop. When the kids were asleep we organized the flannelgraph sets they brought down with them. I think they both went home looking for a vacation from their vacation. The best part of having them here was getting to watch the kids light up each morning when they would come out of their room for the day.


Todd & Tina Cox April Update

Spring is Here and Much is Happening!!

Hello everyone! It’s great to be writing everyone and catching you all up on how things are going at our mission here in North Georgia and our church plant – StonePoint Church. We have had much going on since our last newsletter.

We had our 2nd Informational/Vision Meeting where we had many familiar faces from our launch team as well as new faces. We launched our 2nd LifeGroup at a hair salon that one of our launch team members owns. We meet there on Tuesday nights. We have also changed the time for our Sunday LifeGroups from 4pm to 11am to better meet the needs of the people. We also had a great Easter meeting and were able to bring both LifeGroups together and begin to build stronger relationships and a common purpose and vision as we move closer to our goal of launching this fall.

This week, we will begin holding our Sunday morning gathering in a new location, the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) Lodge just south of downtown Cumming. This is the facility we were able to meet in once in January. How it came about truly was a God connection. We are able to meet there at minimal cost! This will be a great place to meet in as we prepare for launching in several months.

We continue to meet new people as we connect in the community with many different opportunities. God had already given us influence in our neighborhood. From day one, we were asked to help out and serve on committees in our HOA and I now head up our Internet committee and my wife heads up the Welcome Committee; which gives us a great opportunity to be some of the first faces people meet when they move in. God has allowed us to have great conversations with many new people doing this. We now have 2 families from our neighborhood that attend our church and are plugged in weekly.