BMA Mexico

From Buddy Johnson

The BMA of Mexico began last night with more than one thousand people in worship. Mission directors and Seminary presidents are here to teach and promote DiscipleWay. People have been saved and others have committed to ministry.


Meeting about proposed integration planned

David Watkins, Dr. John David Smith, Steve Crawley, Scott Attebery and Donny Parrish invite you to meet with them in the Mitchell Lecture Hall of the David Watkins Building on the Central Baptist College Campus in Conway, AR on April 12th at 2:00 pm. They will be there to discuss and answer questions concerning the proposed integration of BMA Missions and Lifeword.

Urgent Prayer Request

From Doyle and Linda Moore, BMA Missionary in the Philippines

I just wanted to bring you up-to-date on what is happening in Saudi with our BMAP Filipino missionary couple there. Sorry but I can’t give out their names in an email. You may recall that I mentioned that he was robbed of his money and, more importantly, his passport and papers by a gang of Somalians in Saudi. The gang contacted him and sold him his papers back to him for $2000. Without his papers he would have had to return to the Philippines immediately and would have lost his job as a nurse. I sent him $1000 from my workfunds to help them recover from this loss. Read his email below and you will notice that they are having to move around to avoid detection. The blessing is that 8 souls were saved recently. I truly believe God has his hand on this young man and his wife.

Thanks for your payers and concern for us as we serve our Lord in the Philippines and beyond.

Hello Sir,

It’s been a while since we were able to send mail. We have just finished transferring our church to another rented apartment… I will try to mail you some pictures. Please continue to pray for us, 2 days ago, rumors from our neighbors were heard that a raid was going on as Saudi Police were checking each apartment. I have called up to our fellow pastors in BMAP Panay yesterday to ask for prayers for our safety. Thanks be to God, He is always in control. Our laymen’s team is planning for additional sound proofing this week, and just this morning during our service, we had 8 souls who accepted Christ as their Lord and Savior. Continue to pray for us and we hope to see you soon in the Philippines.

From Facebook

missions_logo_FBFrom Wade Allen via Facebook

Heard a pastor pray today, “Thank you, Lord, for the Baptist Missionary Association of America. Because they cared enough to send missionaries, our lives have been changed forever.” Blessed!