A Golden Opportunity May Soon Appear

You’ve heard about the effectiveness of our overseas churches when they begin a low power fm Lifeword Community Radio Station. But American churches haven’t been able to use this wonderful evangelistic tool because the FCC rarely allows new applications for licenses (It’s only happened twice in the past 15 years or so).

With President Trump’s selection of Mr. Ajit Pai to head up the FCC, conservatives finally have a friend in the FCC who MAY give us a new open enrollment period for LPFM’s here in the USA. If it happens, the application window  will likely only be open for a couple of months…and we may not get much advance notice.
If you think your church might benefit from havimg a 100 watt FM station to serve a 10 mile radius around your church (much more on many cases), you should do your research NOW and be ready to file an application “at the drop of a hat”, so to speak. Figure it will take $10,000-$15,000 to get an LPFM up and running. An absolutely bargain basement price for having your own community radio station.
We also suggest you and your church family write to Director Pai, asking him to open an application window for new lpfm stations.
Don’t let this possibility pass you by! Lifeword will help you with initial planning ideas…and programming materials and ideas for when you get on thw air. To diacuss the idea and get an informational starter kit, call Rick Russell or Luis Ortega at 501.329.6891 or email rick@lifeword.org.

Manara Mountain Ministry

There are seven billion people in the world today. Two billion of them can hear a Lifeword broadcast through traditional Lifeword “broad”-casting and Lifeword Community Radio “narrow” -casting. Covering more territory and more languages is Lifeword’s continued prayer through those gospel programs.

During the 2016 Lifeword Sunday/Walk season, Lifeword Community Radio will be highlighted in the 2016 LWS video and on T-shirts. LCR has been an incredible tool for local communities, churches and pastors to use for outreach, discipleship and teaching. On a recent trip to the Philippines, BMA Productions and Lifeword team members were able to witness a community in the Manara Mountains dedicated to serving and ministering to surrounding villagers…and even multiplying itself.

Pastor Pete (Pedro Etabag, Lifeword’s Asia-Pacific director) and his assistant Pastor Jhun (Santos, Pastor Pete’s son-in-law) drove the team into the mountains two hours from Bacolod City to see the village where LCR station manager Pastor Andrew (Orquita) broadcasts two hours of programming, including twenty minutes of Bible teaching, every day. Pastor Andrew lives on site at the radio station and pastors a church several miles away, but it’s his father-in-law who pastors the church (Manara Grace) there. What was once Pastor Mario Baroma’s rice storage building has become the radio station, thanks to the efforts of Pastor Pete and his team who made the difficult journey to build and bring power to it.

Radio Manara 90.7 FM advertises one of their most fruitful outreaches during the broadcast: a free battery- and phone- charging station. People come from several kilometers away to use this service, and while they are waiting for their devices and batteries to charge, Pastor Mario of Manara Grace Baptist Church asks them to gather together so he can share the gospel with them.

One example of a changed life through this ministry is Roberto, who lives in the neighboring village of Sinalsagan and heard about the charging station from Pastor Andrew’s broadcast from Manara. He carried his car battery (on his shoulders) that helps to light his home at night and made the twelve kilometer trip that would change his life. While waiting at the station Pastor Mario shared the gospel with him and won him to the Lord. Very excited to share the good news, he then invited Pastor Mario to come to his home and tell his family and relatives about how Jesus died for their sins. Families at Manara Grace began ministering to Bro. Roberto’s family, and they became faithful church members there.

In the spirit of multiplication, when Pastor Pete received a donated solar panel, Manara’s power source for the charging station, he attached it to Bro. Roberto’s home in Sinalsagan and it became a new charging station called Sinalsagan Mission. Now there are two places in the mountains where people can hear the gospel while waiting for a charge.

After the new mission was established, the people of Manara Grace Baptist Church, who had been challenged by their pastor-Bro. Mario-to minister to their neighbors, answered that call to ministry with repeat visits to Sinalsagan. Pastor Pete says he and his leaders are training “potential leaders (young and old) so they can minister to this new mission that will eventually become a church. I never thought that the Low Powered FM radio will do such tremendous job in opening missions and even follow up the believers in a daily basis. I don’t think a missionary can do that alone. LPFM radio is one of God’s important tool to help us spread the Gospel in a wider scale. Help us pray that we can install more of this in many more villages. PRAY, GIVE AND GO!” Lifeword Community Radio is an important part of the multiplication process that pastors, missionaries and radio station managers are being called to.

On October 23, Lifeword Sunday, be a part of this and other life-changing ministries of Lifeword Media Ministry by registering your church (lifeword.org/lifewordsunday/)and planning for Lifeword Sunday and/or a fundraising opportunity for your church. Pastors, if your contribution is sent in before December 12, you will be a part of the December 14 drawing for a 60-inch TV. For more information, contact holly@lifeword.org.


Lifeword Community Radio Helps Discover Unreached Village

In early 2014 Open Door Baptist Church in the Filipino village of Pandan began a Lifeword Community Radio station with the help of Lifeword Asia-Pacific. Pandan villagers immediately loved the station, which broadcasts from 5 a.m. until 9 p.m. and provides the only radio service in the area. After several months on air, Lifeword began receiving calls in response to the programs from a place no one had never heard of—a place called Melendrez. Only four miles from Open Door, the village of Melendrez was unknown to the people of Pandan until they called with requests for more information on the Bible.

As soon as they could, Open Door’s pastor and a deacon visited the village, bringing transistor radios to distribute and estimating that there were 90 households and 500 hundred people in Melendrez. After that initial visit, they planned to return during Christmas of 2014 and meet more of the people who had been listening to Lifeword.

Loaded with gifts from EIM (Evangelistic International Ministries), the young people from Tangub Baptist Church in Bacolod City and Open Door Baptist Church in Pandan played games and shared the gospel with the children during the trip. This was the first time they had been visited by any Christian group, and the first time these children ever heard a Bible story or received a Christmas gift.

Pastor Pete (Pedro Etabag, director of Lifeword Asia-Pacific) said, “It is amazing what these small radio stations can do. Even though the signals do not travel a long way, they go places we have never been and reach people we have never met. Open Door Baptist Church was organized in 1978, but this nearby village was not known until the church at Pandan started its radio station. What a great way to reach people and plant churches. Our goal and challenge in the coming years is to use the LPFM Radio (Lifeword Community Radio) to reach more places and then start a mission that will eventually become a church. To God be the glory!”

The work in Melendrez continues to this day with an extension class held every Saturday by leaders at Open Door Baptist Church in Pandan. More young people and adults have been saved and are attending their Sunday worship services as well. Responses to the church’s Lifeword broadcast continue, but since they have no available workers to start a new church, new believers attend Open Door Baptist Church. Pastor Pete says that he and other leaders are praying for the Lord to provide trained workers for a church plant in Melendrez. Please join Lifeword in that prayer as well.



Lifeword’s Spanish Broadcast Changes Lives

El Contacto Cristiano is one of Lifeword’s fifty broadcasts on the air in more than 300 radio stations in the United States, Mexico, Central America, South America, the Caribbean, and Spain. It can also be heard all over the world via www.oneplace.com, www.elsitiocristiano.com and soon via Trans World’s Radio llportal www.twr360.org.

At Lifeword, we don’t always get to hear the stories and testimonials of the transformed lives from God’s redemptive work and some we may never get to hear on this side of eternity. Below is an example of how God used one broadcast to redeem a life and later others in another country over the course of twenty-three years. This letter is used by permission as it was sent from Radio Amistad to one of their donors, Jazmina Robinson, the wife of El Contacto Cristiano’s speaker, Ricky Robinson. A network of radio stations in Houston, Radio Amistad has faithfully partnered with Lifeword in airing the good news of salvation.

                  “Dear Jazmina, thank you very much for your offering to the Radio Amistad ministry…In June 1993, Perfecta started to listen to the radio and she felt attracted to the message of hope and peace, something she felt was lacking in her life. In fact, she felt that she was the worst sinner in the world! One day while she was listening to El Contacto Cristiano she heard Pastor Ricardo Robinson say that nobody is too much of a sinner to disqualify them from accepting Christ, then he invited the listeners to put their full trust in Jesus for salvation. She prayed to God confessing her sins and put her trust in Jesus. Immediately she felt the change that began in her heart and called the radio station to share the joy of having received the gift of salvation. I visited Perfecta, took her some Bible study material (El Contacto Cristiano offers free discipleship material), and I encouraged her in the Lord before she had to depart back to Mexico.

                  On July 20, 2016, Perfecta called our radio network to thank Radio Amistad and for the discipleship material she received. When she returned to Mexico she went through many trials with her family. Her father pressured her to renounce her new faith in Christ and made life practically impossible for Perfecta, almost to the point of renouncing her faith in Jesus Christ, but she did not give Satan the joy of doing so. Finally, almost twenty-three years later, Perfecta is reporting that members of her family have come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, beginning with her mom and then her brothers. After many years her dad, too, came to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and made a profession of faith. Perfecta is now married to a man of God and along with her three children, they are active in their church. For the glory of God, all twelve immediate family members have now declared Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

                  God is using your investment not only to touch the lives of listeners, but the lives of their families as well. I give thanks to God because together we are accomplishing the Great Commission of our Lord Jesus Christ. On August 7th we went on air on Houston 101.5 FM. We covet your prayers so that more are reached for Christ by using this new radio frequency.

Serving the King,

Dolly Martin

Director, Radio Amistad”

Contributions to Lifeword help people like Perfecta and her family hear the gospel via the airwaves and be redeemed by God. Partnering with this unique media ministry enables lives like these around the world come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Lifeword Community Radio: Part Three of Three

By Holly Meriweather

At only two years old, Lifeword Community Radio is the youngest of the three parts of Lifeword Media Ministries’ vision. (Lifeword Broadcasting and Lifeword Media and Leadership are the other two.) For this fifty-year-old media ministry, it is the most exciting and effective tool for church growth that Lifeword has created to date.

This project partners with indigenous local churches in third world countries to own and operate their own FM radio stations. Ninety-eight percent of the people who attend the typical third world church will live within five to seven miles of the church and walk everywhere they go. Even though its power is only fifteen watts, to everyone within that range it sounds just as big as any other radio station. Local churches can air Lifeword programs in their own languages or dialects seven days a week if they want, and it encourages the people of each church to create their own original programming to serve the community.

As those church-based stations develop programs in their indigenous languages, Lifeword collects the best ones, and soon there will be enough great shows to program a 24/7 radio station in each Lifeword dialect. Using internet streaming to mobile phones, which will soon be a reality in nearly every country in the world, that station could be heard by nearly every person in the world who speaks that language! Lifeword staff members train the personnel to create programs of interest to the community and to weave the gospel message into that community-minded programming.

This is a true partnership between the local church and Lifeword. To insure success, the people of each local church make the financial sacrifice of $300 to pay for the equipment. Once they invest their own money, Lifeword will invest $1,500 to bring the equipment to the field and train the pastor and the church’s broadcast team to install and operate the station.

The final step is when that church’s broadcasters train other broadcasters, the same driving force Missions uses to teach discipleship and plant churches: Lifeword trains broadcasters to train other broadcasters just as Missions trains missionaries to train other missionaries. Those new broadcasters/missionaries then agree to help other churches do the same thing. This “media discipleship” is exactly what Jesus did with his disciples and what Paul did with Titus and Timothy. Lifeword Media Ministries is committed to continuing this multiplication method until the whole world hears.

Lifeword Broadcasting: Part Two of Three

By Holly Meriweather

As a media ministry that exists to assist local churches of the Baptist Missionary Association in fulfilling the Great Commission, Lifeword is constantly augmenting and changing its emphasis, but never its mission. To accomplish this, Lifeword functions with a three-pronged vision: Lifeword Broadcasting, Lifeword Community Radio, and Lifeword Leadership and Media Training. The Lifeword Leadership and Media Training part was featured in a previous article available at http://bmalife.com/lifeword-media-leadership-training. The formula for this ongoing training was featured in the article, using the example of the recent Lifeword Community Radio installation in Central America.

The more traditionally-known part that is “Lifeword Broadcasting” began in 1965 when Lifeword (then Harvest Gleaner Hour) was established as a radio broadcast ministry. Today that is a fully-thriving production of programs in thirty-six languages and in fifty different formats. Currently there are several languages and programs in production.

Although the primary focus is that each village, each community and each area hears God’s Word, broadcasts always have a culturally-relevant, community-wide appeal. For example, a broadcast program might begin with a discussion about improved farming methods, but end with Bible reading. Indigenous program producers are encouraged to consider customs, traditions and whatever works well in the culture.

Most of those programs are heard over commercial AM and FM radio stations. In special cases such as closed countries where local gospel broadcasts are not allowed, Lifeword uses high-power shortwave, medium wave (AM) and satellite broadcasts that can be clearly heard by target audiences that may be many thousands of miles away.

Of the 195 (a number that changes with the political climate) countries of the world, Lifeword broadcasts can be heard and understood in 119 of them. Eighty countries have little or no broadcast, and sometimes difficult government circumstances or technical issues force a broadcast language off the air. Evaluating whether or not an area is best suited for traditional broadcasting or Lifeword Community Radio is an ongoing process; finding the next language and/or area for God’s Word to be heard in the heart language of every tribe and tongue will continue until the whole world hears.

(For languages, target areas, program names, speakers and other information, go to lifeword.org.)

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Internship at BMA America

By Mati Spencer

I have always loved to write.

There’s just something about interweaving nouns with verbs, clauses with phrases, that allows me a great depth of freedom and creativity. This childhood interest soon turned to passion, though, when I decided I wanted to spend the rest of my life weaving together stories, specifically stories about the Lord.

Originally I wanted to enter into the political or investigative journalism fields. I knew the adrenaline rush from tracking down and discovering vital information would be addictive, yet I also knew I would eventually tire of the constant stream of corruption and lies that I would have to feed my readers.

After much prayer, I decided there was only one topic I could never tire of writing about, that I would consider a privilege to give to those who read the stories I had crafted. That topic was the gospel of Jesus Christ.

When considering a college that would equip me for writing about the Lord, Central Baptist College stood out. With its close proximity to the BMA America offices and its caring journalism staff, I soon began attending this school in Conway, Arkansas, three hours from my hometown of Washburn, Missouri.

I continued to grow in my knowledge and love of all aspects of journalism, taking classes and working for the Tower school newspaper. In my junior year of college, I applied for and received an internship at the BMA of America, where I am now learning under Holly Meriweather in their media department.

In this internship, I am completely at Holly’s disposal, observing what she does, and learning how to work in media ministry. I copyedit and proofread materials distributed by the BMA, including articles for mission:world magazine and Compass literature from DiscipleGuide.

I have also worked in raising awareness for Lifeword Sunday, and the new sponsorship program Lifeword is beginning for businesses and organizations to support the ministry.

Undoubtedly, God had a plan when he gave me a passion for him and a passion for writing. He knew I would desire to write for him and graciously led me to my current internship at BMA America. When I graduate from CBC in 2017, I will use the information learned in my internship and my undergraduate classes to share with people the hope of the world: Jesus Christ.

(Note by Holly Meriweather: Brandon Cox, pastor at Grace Hills in Rogers, Arkansas, encouraged Mati, who did not grow up in a BMA church, to consider CBC. We have appreciated her work at Lifeword and BMA Development and look forward to her continued internship in the fall semester after her summer-long mission work in Haiti.)

Lifeword Media Leadership Training

Lifeword Community Radio trainee Bro. Baldemar watches, helps and learns from Bro. Luis Gonzalez on the La Concepcion installation in March.

Lifeword Community Radio trainee Bro. Baldemar watches, helps and learns from Bro. Luis Gonzalez on the La Concepcion installation in March.

By Holly Meriweather

One part of Lifeword’s three-pronged vision is media and leadership training patterned after the ministry of Jesus and his disciples and Paul’s ministry and his discipleship of Timothy and Titus. Central America, Ghana and the Philippines have established this training process. The formula, outlined in Exponential by Dave Ferguson and John Ferguson, looks something like this:

  1. I do. You watch. We talk.
  2. I do. You help. We talk.
  3. You do. I help. We talk.
  4. You do. I watch. We talk.
  5. You do. Someone else watches. You talk.
  6. Repeat the process with someone else.

Steps one and two of the process began in Central America when Lifeword Programming Director Luis Ortega trained BMA Honduras Leader Denis Lopez seven years ago while he watched, then helped install Lifeword Community Radio in Honduras and Guatemala.

Steps three and four were realized when Bro. Denis Lopez became Central America’s visionary leader, training others in media and leadership including Luis Gonzalez, a young Garifuna living in the remote village of Batalla

Bro. Gonzalez brings freshly cut trees from the jungle to be used as poles for the radio antenna.

Bro. Gonzalez brings freshly cut trees from the jungle to be used as poles for the radio antenna.

(Honduras). Gonzalez was trained at Tela, Honduras, one of Lifeword’s Community Radio training bases where he was led by other Garifuna brethren and Lopez. Assisted by Bro. Denis Lopez, Gonzales helped with the installation of Lifeword Community Radio in three areas/dialects: Garifuna villages, Kekchi villages of Guatemala and in Diria, Nicaragua.

A mission team from Wyatt Baptist Church, in El Dorado, Arkansas, along with Nicaragua Missionary Oscar Gaitan, were able to get a close-up look at step five of media and leadership training on their yearly Spring Break mission trip. After two days of travel from Honduras, Bro. Luis Gonzalez met Wyatt pastor Adam Thomas, the Wyatt team and BMA leader Bro. Oscar Gaitan on an assignment to set up Lifeword Community Radio in the remote village of La Concepcion in Nicaragua

After nineteen hours of travel by bus, a two-hour boat ride and another two hours by mule and on foot, the teams arrived at La Concepcion. With tears of joy, Bro. Gonzalez exclaimed, “Words cannot describe the feeling of being able to serve these beautiful people. The spiritual and physical needs are many, but to be able to partner with other BMA people to meet both physical and spiritual needs was and is the highlight of my life. The greatest joy was passing on to them the knowledge and training I have received both in regards to the gospel and media to make disciples. Like the Apostle Paul said in 1 Corinthians 15:3, I can say that ‘I delivered unto [them] all that which I also received.’

Bro. Adam Thomas said, “It was awesome to see this radio ministry get off the ground. I was even more amazed

Wyatt team members make part of their journey to La Concepcion by boat.

Wyatt team members make part of their journey to La Concepcion by boat.

when I realized that a lot of the people in the area had phones with FM receivers in them. This could have a huge impact on this young church! Thanks for all y’all do at Lifeword. Also, the young man who installed it (Gonzalez) was an excellent representative of Lifeword. Loved having him on our trip.”

Two days after the trip, BMA Nicaragua leader Bro. Oscar Gaitan said, “This is perfect and practical for this village! This has already proven to be one of the best tools for them. We are rejoicing over the first fruits this radio has already produced along with the other efforts! You cannot imagine the joy this is bringing to all. A neighboring village has already caught wind of what is happening in La Concepcion, and they are requesting we come to their village too.”




Experience Makes A Difference!

The following is an email sent to Missionary Care Director Bro. Jerry Kidd from Myint Aung, missionary to Burma (Myanmar). He and his wife Mal were last-minute attendees of the Asia-Pacific Missionary Care Conference February 8-12. Lifeword’s Burmese speaker and BMA Missionary Rama (and wife Lalhmu) Bochung also attended:

Myint and Mal Aung

Myint and Mal Aung

The Family Care Conference in Manila had been a blessing for us.

BMA’s Asia-Pacific Family Care Ministry Conference in Manila (Philippines) was a special one for us. From Myanmar Rama and Lalhmu, my wife Mal Sawmi and I were able to join and participate in it without much preparation in advance. Sarah Hamilton was so quick and so helpful in everything when we needed information or helps. I give you credit, Sarah, for your hard work! We are so glad we have come and joined with you as family at this peaceful and lovely conference.

As I know it was a conference created, sponsored, hosted and led by the BMA Family Care Ministry. I don’t know how many times our BMA’s Family Care Ministry had been having this kind of conference in the past. I sincerely hope it will have again and again in the future because it is so enjoyable and so good for the missionaries who attended, in many ways. Thanks be to God. And thank you, Bro. Jerry Kidd, for this family conference so nicely done under your guidance and leadership.

For us it was an experience we will not easily forget. We were able to meet and get to know other missionaries who are serving the Lord in Asia-Pacific region such as, India, China, Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, Philippines, etc. We also had opportunity to meet and get to know a team of those who had come from America to this conference including Mrs. Sue Kidd. It was also a time of reunion with old friends and with those we had not seen for a long time. Above all, we had opportunity to make friendship and fellowship with other missionaries, and to pray for one another, from this conference. This, we would never get unless we have come together at one place, like this.

Rama and Lahlmu Bochung

Rama and Lahlmu Bochung

At this conference we heard great preaching from the Word of God every evening. We also sang great songs every day and night. I realized that we came here together not to shut our hearts, mouths, eyes and ears! It is important that we must open them all when we come to this kind of conference so that we would not be left behind. All were enjoyable!

Great learning! The lectures taught and explained to us every morning by our BMA Foreign Missions Director Bro. Phil Knott was very good. The Guiding Vision of out BMA Missions and many others that we learned from Bro. Phil Knott’s power point presentation were excellent! Many others who took parts in the leading, sharing and teaching in those many sessions during the conference did so well. No one could have done it better.

We thank God, and had really appreciated and enjoyed our participation at this conference. The worship, fellowship, friendship were all warm and lovely. Everybody there was friendly, polite, and loving. It was a conference nicely done in a Christian, family, care and love atmosphere. We now know how to pray and what to pray for one another who are serving the Lord in various countries of Asia-Pacific region. We will remember each other in prayers, and we will always remember this conference. I believe it is a blessing for all of us.

The BMA Family Care Ministry Director Bro. Jerry Kidd said many good things during this conference for us to remember. One among them was “Be fair spiritually with God.” And that’s what I always want to be.


Reaching Muslims through Lifeword Community Radio

In 2003 after years on the run, a prominent Muslim soldier, Emir Hashim (not his real name), surrendered himself, his band of renegades and his firearms to the government (country withheld for security purposes), all for enough money to live peacefully in an area that is a Muslim stronghold. Prior to the surrender, they were made to understand that life would always be hard for him and his group if they didn’t take advantage of this “government reconciliation program.”

By 2007 it became obvious that the government would not keep their promise of livelihood-support money. So Hashim went back to his former headquarters planning to gather firearms, soldiers and resources to resume his life as a wanted man and Muslim leader.

Plotting his next move, he returned to his secluded hut, but mosquitoes kept him from sleeping. Searching in a trash heap for something to burn so they would go away, he found an old book with no cover and was about to throw it into the fire when he felt something stop him. Without realizing it was a Bible, he read the Old Testament, then the New Testament and the story of Jesus in the Gospels. With conviction from the Holy Spirit, he surrendered his life to Isa Almasih (“Jesus Christ” to Muslims).

For eight years after his conversion, he searched for understanding of God and Scripture, associating himself with pastors and missionaries from various Christian denominations. However, his experience with them was more destructive than beneficial; they used him to raise funds intended for his livelihood which he never received. He had every right to be discouraged but somehow never turned away from God.

A year ago Bro. Hashim met a missionary working with Muslims. At great risk to himself, this missionary had settled in the town to penetrate this Muslim area with the gospel. Through the power of God, he crossed paths with Hashim, who had decided to work alone and attend church planting classes. As their association grew, Hashim was again challenged to continue his Muslim work.

In November 2015 at a BMA association meeting, Hashim shared his powerful testimony, challenging attendees to help him reach Muslims in his area with the gospel. After the meeting, a local pastor told him about Lifeword Community Radio and how it could effectively reach his Muslim brothers and sisters. Hashim became very excited, believing that, given the danger of his work, it would be the best way to reach them. Passionately, Hashim told his new friend that he would willingly give his life for such a work.

This pastor said of Hashim, “God has opened the door for us to reach Muslims with Christ’s saving power. He is the modern Apostle Paul sent by God to us. We couldn’t penetrate the gospel to the Muslim world without this converted brother. For years Christian groups have worked to reach Muslims without substantial results. God has given him to lead us to them. We might not have another opportunity as this. God has gifted us with LPFM technology (Lifeword Community Radio) and preparing me and my trained leaders and Emir for a great harvest of souls in this Muslim area.”

Hashim returned to the area with a great excitement for his ministry and several media tools (a used video projector, DVD players and films produced in the dialect) given to him by area pastors. Hashim thanked them for the gifts and said they he would use them for house-to-house and group evangelistic meetings with Muslims.

Lifeword is currently working with Hashim to determine the type of broadcast to best reach this volatile area. Local Lifeword trainers and leaders are surveying the area, and plans are being made to possibly use a combination of traditional broadcasting and strategically-placed Lifeword Community Radio equipment in “more favorable” Muslim areas. Please pray for this ground-breaking effort and a harvest of souls.