DiscipleGuide “Town Hall” Meeting in Conway Relocated to CBC

Due to construction work in the Lifeword facility, DiscipleGuide’s “Town Hall” meeting scheduled for January 17 at 1:30, has been relocated to meet in Room 212 of the Watkins Academic Building at Central Baptist College in Conway. The meeting will focus on a recommendation to relocate DiscipleGuide’s Texarkana offices to Conway. Central Baptist College is located at 1501 College Ave, Conway, AR 72034.


Testimony from Liberia

From an email to Rick Russell at Lifeword from Abraham Cheyee, BMA national missionary and Lifeword broadcast speaker.

Brother Rick,

I am sharing the testimonies of a Hungarian boy and his friend that I converted. Please, this is to just acquaint you with what God is doing through us in His service. They are two Hungarians who came as business men in Liberia and people stole all their money, traveling documents and they have nothing to survive on. Out of frustration they were drinking and smoking but I witnessed to them and they accepted Christ.

They are Andrew and Attila, three years back, Andrew went home and came back to Liberia after getting his passport. Attila also wanted to go and acquired his passport and traveling documents. By God’s grace, someone has helped him with plane ticket and money to process his traveling documents.

Pray with us I am helping him to get temporary traveling documents from the Liberian government for him to go back and get his passport from his country Hungary.

In Christ service


Philippine Typhoon Update

monster-typhoon-philippines-haiyan_73273_600x450From Phil Knott, Director of International Missions
To John David Smith, Executive Director of Missions

The latest on the Typhoon, Fred Minata as been on Leyte during and since the storm. He still has little information because there is no access nor communication with most areas. Two students from the Bible College left yesterday to go to Port Isabel, on the western side of the Island, opposite from Tacloban. They took some money for transportation, meds, supplies. The banks nor ATMs are working in order to get funds to him. The guys who went are from the island and also needed to check on their families.

Bro Don Newsom sent the following report about Panay:

I am beginning to receive reports from areas that have been hit pretty hard, especially the northern part of the island, and the small islands just off Estancia. I read in the Trumpet that offerings are being collected for the Philippines. Please consider helping us with this also. I sent money today to a couple of the small islands, but, I cannot possibly help all who really need help.

God bless,

The Tangaub Church, Pete Etabag and Doug Kiper have also been working in Fabrica, on Negros Island to the north of Bacolod. As in most affected areas, needs are repair or rebuilding homes, removing trees and debris, food, water, lost income and crops.

As we get more information about opportunities to help, like those mentioned above, it would be good to go ahead and target those first if we have relief funds now or as funds come in. We could make an immediate impact in those areas. I imagine we will have more news from Leyte in the next few days and will be able to focus some attention there as well.

Past Present Possibilities

By Pastor Pedro “Pete” M. Etabag
Regional Director, Lifeword Media Ministries, Asia-Pacific
(From Mission:World magazine September/October issue)

Pastor Pete the audio editorLifeword’s role is to assist the work of our churches because we believe the Great Commission was given to them. Lifeword began its broadcast in the Philippines in 1975, as a ministry of Travis Moore, the first BMA Missionary to the Philippines. That same year, Travis invited me to do a broadcast in my own Ilonggo dialect, so I began preaching for Lifeword (at that time it was still known as the Harvest Gleaner Hour). In 1983 I was appointed by Bro. Paul Bearfield to become the Program Director of Harvest Gleaner Hour, Philippines.

In 2000, Bro. George Reddin, Executive Director of Lifeword Media Ministries visited the Philippines and challenged me to look beyond the Philippines and to help Lifeword reach out to the entire Asia-Pacific.  From that time until today, with our new Executive Director Steve Crawley, Lifeword Asia-Pacific is broadcasting in 8 languages: Tagalog, Ilonggo, Bicolano, Waray, Cebuano, Mandarin Chinese, Khmer in Cambodia and Burmese.  The Cebuano short format and our Ilonggo broadcast and telecast are already in the web. You can hear them when you visit www.lifewordph.com.

In addition to its ongoing radio and TV broadcasts, Lifeword-Philippines has always assisted our Churches in their evangelistic campaigns and revival meetings with the Lifeword Stillwaters, a singing ensemble trained and led by my wife Grace Etabag. Even today, the Stillwaters continue to do that work. Many members have come and gone but the music ministry of Lifeword Philippines continues to assist our churches. In fact, we have organized a younger group of talented musicians and singers called the Lifeword Heralds to enhance the music ministry and reach out to the younger generation.

Lifeword Philippines has been the training ground for our broadcasters in the Asia-Pacific. In 2010, a group from all over Asia-Pacific met in Bacolod City, Philippines for the first Lifeword Asia-Pacific Broadcasters and Producers Training. Later on, Bro. Borann from Cambodia and Bro. Rama from Myanmar attended the training individually to enhance their skills in broadcast technologies. Lifeword Asia-Pacific Team also travels to help train and assist broadcasters in their respective places. I have the privilege of traveling to China to help train Roger, our Mandarin Producer. Peace and Pastor Jhun went to India with Bro. Rick to visit our Lifeword workers there. Bon had been to Ghana with Bro. Rick to assist Bro. Kwame. Lifeword Team will continue to be of help to the growing needs of Asia-Pacific Ministry.

With the recent integration of Lifeword and the Missions Office in the USA, our ministry here in the Asia-Pacific is following the same route, which is taking us back to the basic tenets of Biblical Church Planting and Discipleship and helping our local churches throughout the Asia-Pacific to truly become indigenous churches with ministries that are carried out in the ways that are especially effective in their own culture.

One way we are doing this is to make Lifeword belong to each local church. When Bro. Rick Russell shared the idea of the Low Power FM Radio, I thought it was an excellent idea. For almost 38 years, I have preached on TV and the radio. Yes, we have good results there, but the idea of LPFM is even better. This will empower the local Pastors and Leaders to have broadcasts of their own that truly fit into their culture. As I share these ideas with our Pastors, they like the idea and are excited to begin a small station in their churches. Our church in Tangub, Bacolod City has already purchased a LPFM kit that will be installed and tested next week. My prayer and goal is that many of our churches will have their own local FM Radio station to help them spread the good news in their own culture and settings. This is a beneficial project that they can manage and maintain. Of course, Lifeword personnel will always be available to assist them.

Another project we will help to begin this June is the Mobile Bible Institute that will train new leaders. Many of our churches in the far villages have no pastors. And those who would become pastors cannot afford to come to the BMA Bible College. The idea is to help the College take the most essential programs to the field and train pastors and workers right where they live. The idea is based on the Apostle Paul’s New Testament account of  traveling to many places and preaching the Gospel. Then he discipled believers and ordained them to take care of the Lord’s Churches.

The third project that Lifeword is initiating to help our churches to become involved is a support plan. This idea goes back to the Old Testament when God divided the land to Israel, but the Levites where not given a land to till because they were called to handle the work at the Tabernacle. The other tribes supported them. Similarly, our churches should initiate a livelihood project that will not only help the members financially but also help those who work in the ministry, especially those who start mission work. We already have several contacts who are experts in livelihood programs. In this way, those who are being trained to do the work of the ministry, especially mission work, will have their time focused on the work and not have to worry so much about their provision. This will also be helpful as the members of a church begin to understand that they need to be personally involved in the ministry of reproducing churches.

This year Lifeword Asia-Pacific is pushing to begin our own Walk for the World to help us extend the broadcasts into new areas. Our first goal is to raise money to support the proposed Radio broadcast and Church planting ministry in Phnom Penh, Cambodia and Pakse, Laos. We plan to do our Walk for the World in July or August.

In addition to broadcasting, Lifeword continues to assist in many other programs that can be tools to help our local churches reach the people in their communities. One important ministry that Lifeword is involved in is medical missions. Tangub Missionary Baptist Church which I have pastored for 18 years is having this project every month with the help of Evangelistic International Ministries and Fastbreak Ministries. Here again, the goal is to help our churches grow and reach out to produce new churches. Recently, the BMA of the Philippines organized the Baptist Medical Mission Philippines (BMMP) spearheaded by Miss Alicia Ramshur. Lifeword Asia-Pacific has committed to give a hand in any way we can to assist. Miss Alicia Ramshur and my son Bon are going to Medical School to further equip themselves for the growing needs of the Medical Mission Ministry, not only in the Philippines but also in the entire Asia-Pacific Region.

The Medical Mission is an opener that provides evangelistic opportunities in many areas. This ministry helps not only in the physical need of the people in the community but also has been a great tool to reach many individuals with the Gospel. Our recent Medical Mission in Pandan, Pontevedra reached around 900 souls in one day. Lifeword concentrates on conducting this ministry in places where we have churches and missions being planted.

I never realized I would stay this long at Lifeword. 2013 is my 38th year serving the Lord through the ministry of Lifeword. My wife and children have served alongside all these years me in this ministry, and my children understand all the basic principles behind the ministry of Lifeword.  Our beautiful and energetic grandchild Gabby, who at the time of this writing is two years old, is beginning to enjoy the ministry as well and she spends most of her time in the studio learning all the technology she can. I would be happy to see her grow and involve herself in this growing ministry of Lifeword over the Asia-Pacific Region.

I really have no idea how many souls have been saved, how many churches have been started, and how many believers have been blessed and challenged through this ministry over the past 38 years. All I know is that God has done a tremendous job through the ministry of Lifeword in the Philippines, and I believe God called me to this ministry. It is a great honor and privilege for me to serve God through Lifeword, and I pray He will let me stay here until He takes me home.

2013 Walk For The World

By Diane Ward
National Walk For The World Coordinator

WalkShirtIt’s that time again! Please select a Walk Leader in your church, and call Lifeword or go online to register for the annual fundraising event. We would like a record of your churches participation. You may raise money through FirstGiving again this year or by asking folks to sponsor you, and then collecting your pledges as you may have done in the past.

Please put these three important dates on your calendar and make plans to participate in the Walk to raise money for the greatest cause on the face of the earth. You can make a difference!

  • Sign-up Sunday – We encourage you to plan this sign-up day two weeks before your Walk. Pastors and Walk leaders please be prepared to announce your Walk date, show the Walk video, hand out needed materials, encourage, and enlist folks to sign up to participate in this annual fundraising event.
  • Walk for the World – Select and save a date during the month of October for your church’s Walk For The World. 
  • LIFEWORD SUNDAY – Designate October 20, as Lifeword Sunday. That day, collect all pledged Walk offerings or make a donation if you were unable to participate in your Walk.

The overall success of the Walk depends on the faithful support of friends like you. Your offerings help Lifeword keep our current broadcasts on the air, and help determine the direction for future broadcasts. We need and appreciate your continued support as we continue to share the Gospel around the world.

You may register online for the Walk, sign up to raise money through FirstGiving, and purchase t-shirts from our website at lifeword.org/walk or contact us at 1.800.543.1090. T-shirt prices this year are $12.00 for youth sizes, and $13.00 for adult sizes.

Lifeword receives responses to our broadcasts from all over the world. Unbelievers share their excitement about hearing of the marvelous grace of God for the first time in their own native language. Believers express their appreciation for gospel programming that deepens their faith and helps them grow as disciples of Jesus Christ. While you are able to reach out locally in your community, your contribution to Lifeword, along with those of others, allows you to reach out to the world as the event centers on the Great Commission, “Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.” (Mark 16:15).

2013 Lifeword Walk for the World

WalkShirtMaking a difference!

“I have received Christ as my personal savior. I feel free and liberated knowing Christ. My family still does not know about my conversion. I still cannot openly talk about it in my village. Please pray for me.” That recent note from a Lifeword listener in India underscores the value of media ministry in places where it is difficult—even dangerous—to talk with a person “face to face” about Jesus Christ.

Lifeword broadcasts the gospel in 48 different programs in 34 languages around the world. But that kind of outreach is expensive. Lifeword’s annual Walk for the World raises much of the money it takes to keep those broadcasts on the air. Will you make the commitment to be personally involved in this year’s Walk?

We encourage each church to select a Walk Leader. Then set a date in October to host your local Walk and contact Lifeword to register for the annual event. There are three important dates to keep in mind as you prepare your church for the Walk:

  • Sign-up Sunday – plan for this day to happen a couple of weeks before your Walk. Show the Walk video, distribute sign-up forms, announce the date of your event, take t-shirt orders, and encourage folks to participate.
  • Walk for the World – select a date in October that will involve the greatest number of people from your church and the surrounding area.
  • Lifeword Sunday – October 20, a special day set aside for folks to turn in their Walk offerings and pledges to the church.  The church may then submit one check to Lifeword, designated for the Walk for the World, and mail it to Lifeword Media Ministries, P.O. Box 6, Conway, AR  72033.

Churches may register on line at www.lifeword.org/walk or by calling 1-800-543.1090. T-shirts may also be viewed and purchased on line or by phone if using a Visa, Discover or MasterCard.  Shirt prices are $12 for youth sizes and $13 for adult sizes, plus shipping.