Meeting about proposed integration planned

David Watkins, Dr. John David Smith, Steve Crawley, Scott Attebery and Donny Parrish invite you to meet with them in the Mitchell Lecture Hall of the David Watkins Building on the Central Baptist College Campus in Conway, AR on April 12th at 2:00 pm. They will be there to discuss and answer questions concerning the proposed integration of BMA Missions and Lifeword.

A Word of Thanks

From a listener of Lifeword’s English Broadcast

Just a word of thanks for the daily LifeWord message…last week one of your quick focus messages came on while I was helping a friend with a store remodel…one of the men from corporate was there and we were side by side…I cannot recall what exactly you said, but it caused this man to ask if I read the Bible…even a goof like me could have driven a truck through that opening!  The next day he asked me if I knew John 11.  I replied I did, he asked how.  I replied, I just like to read the Word and try to learn a little every day.  He then asked me to explain John 11, (I’m betting the devil loved that question) then John’s portrayal of Jesus.  We spent nearly a week together, talking every day.  Thanks for allowing Jesus to speak through you, and open doors for others.  I deeply appreciate your commitment to the Kingdom!

2012 Walk for the World Winners

Hall Summit Walk, For The World Winner - Nicole and Lance Webb, Pastor Carl Word receives plaque from Lifeword Executive Director Steve Crawley

Walk For The World Winner
Hall Summit Baptist Church – Nicole and Lance Webb and Pastor Carl Word receives plaque from Lifeword Executive Director Steve Crawley

By Diane Ward, National Walk Coordinator

Lifeword is pleased to announce that Kewanee Baptist Church in Kewanee, Missouri, is the top giving church for the 2012 Walk for the World. We commend them for raising $20,100 for the annual event. Kewanee came in second place as top contributor in 2011, third place in 2010, and as the top regional supporter in 2009. Kewanee has a strong history of support for Lifeword and the Walk for the World. Their winning contribution entitles them to one of the youth room makeover awards; however, they would like to say that, “our emphasis has always been on how much money we can raise for the ministry of Lifeword.”

We also want to recognize Hall Summit Baptist Church, Hall Summit, Louisiana, for being the largest per capita supporter for the Walk in 2012 with their offering of $18,680.63. Hall Summit also has a long history of support of Lifeword and the Walk, and they are also entitled to a free youth room makeover. They have ranked as either the top leading per capita winner or regional winner for the Walk in seven of the past eight years. As past per capita winners, some of their members have traveled overseas with the Lifeword team and visited countries where a Lifeword broadcast can be heard. These missions’ opportunities have made an important spiritual impact on the church’s congregation and have further endeared them to the ministry of Lifeword.

Neither of these churches is considered large by some standards, yet they have a big heart for BMA Missions and Lifeword, and that is reflected each year in their proactive efforts to raise money for the Walk.

We appreciate all our churches that make Lifeword an integral part of their fundraising and support efforts each year. God has placed many exciting opportunities on the horizon at Lifeword, and we humbly look forward to following His lead as we pray to be good stewards of your giving. We value your continued support as we prepare to walk through the doors that God opens in 2013.

As of December 31, 2012, collections for the 2012 Walk are well below where they were this time last year; however, we recognize that this is God’s ministry, and we trust Him to supply all our needs in the coming year.