Senior Adult Conference to Feature Dallas Holm

DiscipleGuide’s annual Senior Adult Conference will take place November 7-9, 2016, at the Branson Convention Center in Branson, Missouri. Early registration is only $150 per person by October 14.  Hotel rooms at the Branson Hilton are $132 per night if booked before October 14.

Dr. Allen Tilley, pastor of First Baptist Church in Carthage, Texas, will share a series of messages entitled “Heroes Reborn.” Larry Wood, worship pastor at Farley Street Baptist Church in Waxahachie, Texas, will lead music.

In addition, a concert featuring Grammy-nominated and Dove Award-winning music artist Dallas Holm, will take place the evening of November 7 followed by The Harper Family the morning of November 8.  Each registration also includes admission to a special Christmas performance by The Haygoods, one of Branson’s most exciting shows.
For more information, or to register, visit

Exceed Information-Embrace Transformation

Improvements to Compass Aim for Life Change

“I’ll skip Bible Study this week. It’s not like it will make a difference anyway.” Not make a difference? Surely that can’t be right. Unfortunately, for many church members, that’s an accurate description.

According to several studies over the past two decades, weekly Sunday school classes have had very little impact on the way members live. For many churches, Sunday school has become a come-and-go, take-it-or-leave it meeting. Simply put, many Sunday school and small groups don’t really make a difference.

DiscipleGuide aims to help churches revitalize Bible study groups and Sunday school classes through improvements to Compass Adult Bible Studies beginning in December of 2016. The DiscipleGuide team has worked diligently for over two years to enhance the curriculum to bring about greater gospel transformation in the lives of small group and Sunday school class members.

Because the Word of God changes lives, every church must intentionally teach and disciple members to grow strong in Scripture. Small group leaders and Sunday school teachers have a powerful opportunity to impact lives. For this reason, a church’s choice of curriculum is of utmost importance.

The updated Leader Guide will provide greater preparation tools for each lesson. In addition, each study guide will deliver interactive, practical discussion questions to help group members apply biblical truth immediately.

To request a Compass sample packet, including lesson samples and helpful leader videos, call 800-333-1442 or visit today.

Summer ’16 Compass to Focus on the New Testament Message and Messengers

CompassGraphicDiscipleGuide is pleased to continue offering Compass Bible study users a survey of the entire Bible through our “Big Picture” series. For the past several quarters, Compass has surveyed individual books of the Bible in an attempt to give readers a bird’s-eye-view of Scripture. As with any genre, book, or passage of Scripture, a lifetime could be given to explore the depths of God’s truth. The goal is to provide believers with a better understanding of the whole of Scripture.  Sometimes seeing a large map helps you navigate specific terrain.

The summer quarter will focus on the message and messengers of the Gospel of Matthew through Second Thessalonians. Special emphasis will be given to the heart of Christ’s saving message and how rapidly it travelled throughout the world after his resurrection. Lessons centering on epistles will highlight the gospel foundation, purpose, and mission of the local church.

For more information or to order Compass, go to or call 800.333.1442 today.

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Internship at BMA America

By Mati Spencer

I have always loved to write.

There’s just something about interweaving nouns with verbs, clauses with phrases, that allows me a great depth of freedom and creativity. This childhood interest soon turned to passion, though, when I decided I wanted to spend the rest of my life weaving together stories, specifically stories about the Lord.

Originally I wanted to enter into the political or investigative journalism fields. I knew the adrenaline rush from tracking down and discovering vital information would be addictive, yet I also knew I would eventually tire of the constant stream of corruption and lies that I would have to feed my readers.

After much prayer, I decided there was only one topic I could never tire of writing about, that I would consider a privilege to give to those who read the stories I had crafted. That topic was the gospel of Jesus Christ.

When considering a college that would equip me for writing about the Lord, Central Baptist College stood out. With its close proximity to the BMA America offices and its caring journalism staff, I soon began attending this school in Conway, Arkansas, three hours from my hometown of Washburn, Missouri.

I continued to grow in my knowledge and love of all aspects of journalism, taking classes and working for the Tower school newspaper. In my junior year of college, I applied for and received an internship at the BMA of America, where I am now learning under Holly Meriweather in their media department.

In this internship, I am completely at Holly’s disposal, observing what she does, and learning how to work in media ministry. I copyedit and proofread materials distributed by the BMA, including articles for mission:world magazine and Compass literature from DiscipleGuide.

I have also worked in raising awareness for Lifeword Sunday, and the new sponsorship program Lifeword is beginning for businesses and organizations to support the ministry.

Undoubtedly, God had a plan when he gave me a passion for him and a passion for writing. He knew I would desire to write for him and graciously led me to my current internship at BMA America. When I graduate from CBC in 2017, I will use the information learned in my internship and my undergraduate classes to share with people the hope of the world: Jesus Christ.

(Note by Holly Meriweather: Brandon Cox, pastor at Grace Hills in Rogers, Arkansas, encouraged Mati, who did not grow up in a BMA church, to consider CBC. We have appreciated her work at Lifeword and BMA Development and look forward to her continued internship in the fall semester after her summer-long mission work in Haiti.)

Come See and Experience Daniel Springs

Thanks to the dedication of churches, youth groups and college ministries, the following improvements and enhancements to Daniel Springs have been made over the past few months. Several open-air tabernacles have been remodeled. The main tabernacle interior drop ceiling was raised, painted and insulated and new lighting was installed, all of which will keep everyone cooler and reduce energy costs. The dining area received new paint on the inside and outside, and the popular canteen area was painted as well. All work was done to make sure every camp attendee has the best experience possible.

In 2015, Daniel Springs was blessed to have a summer work staff of twenty students. The 2016 goal of thirty students is almost complete. All female staff positions have been filled; however, male staff positions are still available. If you are interested or know someone who is, applications can be found at You can also contact Jason Prewitt at (903) 685-2433.

Registration for camp is open with many options to choose from. Listed below are the 2016 Summer Camp experience options:

June 7-10 – Galilean
June 14-17- GMA
June 21-24 -Student Camp I (7th grade-College)
June 28-July 1 -PreTeen I (4th-6th grades)
July 12-15 -PreTeen II (4th-6th grades)
July 19-22 -Ark-La-Tex Family Camp
July 26-29- Student Camp II (7th grade-College)

Schedule your camp experience today. For more information and to register your church, visit or call (903) 685-2433.

SOAR 2016 Concert to Preview a Taste of Heaven

By Jonathan Wilson
DiscipleGuide Director of Marketing

DiscipleGuide is pleased to announce that We The Union will perform Concert for the Nations at SOAR 2016. Concerts have always been a highlight of SOAR student conference. However, nothing will compare to what We the Union has in store with Concert for the Nations.

The Bible describes the throne room of heaven as a place where people from every tribe, tongue and nation join together praising the Lamb who was slain before the creation of the world. During Concert for the Nations, We The Union will lead students to sing in languages from many tribes, tongues and nations. It will be a small preview of what awaits in heaven.

For over three years now, We The Union has served as SOAR band. According to DiscipleGuide Director Scott Attebery, “We can’t imagine a more fitting artist for this year’s concert. SOAR conference owes so much to the commitment We The Union has made to our students over the years.” Aaron Williams, lead singer of We The Union, attended SOAR as a youth group member and later as a member of SOAR worship band. Now as lead singer, he continues to bless SOAR with the talents God has given him. We The Union is in the process of recording a new album that will be released later this year. They also have an EP (extended play) available on iTunes.

For more information on SOAR 2016 and to register your group, visit today. Conference registration is $110 until June 10, 2016. Hotel booking is also now open for the Hilton Anatole, Dallas, TX at For the latest news and updates, follow @soarconference on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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BMA America Recognized by Best Christian Workplace Institute

BCI_Certified_2016_ClearBest Christian Workplace Institute (BCWI) has recognized the Baptist Missionary Association (BMA) of America Global Ministry Center (GMC) as a Certified Best Christian Workplace for 2016. Four BMA departments and agencies are housed at the GMC in Conway, Arkansas: BMA Foundation, BMA Missions, DiscipleGuide and Lifeword. The Certified status reflects a “healthy-to-flourishing” culture, meeting predetermined standards of excellence through a formal employee engagement survey.

The detailed, fifty-question survey model measures eight essential factors of a thriving, healthy culture including Life-Giving Work, Outstanding Talent, Uplifting Growth and Development, Rewarding Compensation, Inspirational Leadership, Fantastic Teams, Sustainable Strategy, and Healthy Communication. “Attaining BCWI Certification is not easy,” said BCWI President Al Lopus. “About half of the organizations we survey achieve Certification, and many organizations survey multiple years before receiving this distinction.”

The leadership team at the GMC uses the results of the annual survey to gain valuable input from employees to aid in their quest to model servant leadership and to strive for continuous improvement in the organizational culture. To see the institute’s complete list, use this link:

SOAR 2016 Conference Registration Now Open!

By Thomas Mobly – Chief of Operations

Registration for the SOAR 2016 student conference is now open!

Thousands of students will gather July 6-8, 2016, at the Hilton Anatole in Dallas, Texas, to discover God’s heart for the nations at SOAR 2016. Conference messages will inspire students to engage the world with the gospel while the global village will provide hands-on mission experiences.

SOAR 2016 will cover the subject of global missions. A heart for Christ must include a heart for the world. From the beginning, God has proclaimed his desire to be glorified around the nations. Every believer should be involved in the global cause working together to see people from every tribe, tongue, language and nation come to Christ! SOAR 2016 will uncover the biblical story of God’s heart for the world and challenge students to become passionate about his global glory.

This year’s guests will include speaker Clif Johnson, worship leader Aaron Williams, conference emcee Jordan Bowen, and concert artist We the Union.

For more information on SOAR 2016, including conference registration and hotel reservations, visit Early registration is only $110 per person. Early registration and hotel room rates are available for a limited time. Don’t miss out on this year’s SOAR conference. Register your group today.



The Five Problem People in Every Church and How to Deal with Them

Conflict is difficult –especially in churches. Yet every pastor must deal with difficult people who frequently create problems for the congregation. But how are pastors supposed to talk to difficult people? When does a pastor approach a difficult person? How is the gospel seen when dealing with a difficult person?

For the March 2016 Tuesday Talks, DiscipleGuide Church Solutions Director Todd West will discuss five problem people found in most churches and share ideas for dealing with them peacefully. Todd will draw on pastoral experience as he addresses gospel-centered measures for solving issues while helping the problem people grow in Christ.

Tuesdays Talks is released the second Tuesday of each month at 10 a.m. Each webcast covers a wide variety of subjects that seek to strengthen the church and equip pastors. Tuesday Talks can be seen on DiscipleGuide’s Facebook page and at You can also follow along with each broadcast on DiscipleGuide’s Twitter (@DiscipleGuide). If you miss a Tuesday Talks or want to see a previous one, visit

Future 2016 Tuesday Talks webcasts include:

  • “Delicate Souls: Responsible Child Evangelism” with David Moore
  • “Should I Have a Membership Class?” with Adam Thomas
  • “Cultural Shifts Every Church Must Be Prepared For” with Brandon Cox
  • “Responsible Sermon Prep: Because Souls are at Stake” with Dr. Joel Slayton
  • “Becoming a Community Church” with Brett Lester

More information on each Tuesday Talks will be made available on DiscipleGuide’s Facebook page and at

BMA Pastors: Free Confidential Help is Available

A typical day in the life of a pastor may consist of listening to a hurting widow, counseling a marriage in crisis, comforting children in the aftermath of divorce, and arbitrating a dispute between family members.

After a long day of shepherding, who will pastor the pastor? To whom can he bring his problems? Confidentiality prohibits him from discussing matters with other church members and most pastors often want to protect their wives from the drama.

For this reason, pastors are often the loneliest people in the church. They find themselves without anyone with whom they can share their pain and struggles. Many pastors long to have someone who will listen and understand where they are coming from.

If they don’t find someone to speak with, they will likely face burnout. Many will leave the pastorate all together or grow calloused toward the ministry.

Sadly, these pastors don’t suffer alone. The isolation felt by pastors can spread to the home. Wives begin to feel that their husbands are married to the church instead of to them. Children feel neglected as their fathers spend more time with other families and less time at home.

DiscipleGuide wants to help pastors and their families receive the help they need. Pastors may call 844-877-4BMA between 7 a.m. and 9 p.m. CST Monday through Friday for free, confidential help. This new partnership with Focus on the Family will provide a trained specialist for every caller. All specialists have vocational ministry experience so they understand where pastors are coming from.

The help line is available for all BMA pastors and their wives to discuss any issue ranging from dealing with a difficult church member, pornography, addictions, anxiety/depression, personal marriage issues, parenting, etc.

“Our goal,” according to DiscipleGuide Executive Director Scott Attebery, “is to give pastors resources to help them prevent pastoral burnout, family struggles, and destructive behavior. That benefits everyone –the pastor, his family, and the church.”