DiscipleGuide Sees Future Trend in the Past

From 1950-1960, sales for DiscipleGuide (then known as the BMA Publications Department) increased 841 percent. To put that into perspective, if our current sales increase by the same percentage over the next 10 years, we would have over $13 million in sales. Imagine the product development that kind of income could fund!

What was the catalyst for the growth spurt of 1950-1960? A bold vision to provide solutions to real challenges facing churches. The Pastor’s Quest publication is an excellent example. The July 1968 edition’s inside cover advertises ideas for worship programs, parties, banquets, special programs, and projects for high school and college-age groups. That was bold and cutting-edge in 1968. DiscipleGuide was on the forefront of equipping churches for the specific challenges they were facing. Can that sort of vision be revived? Absolutely. Will it look the same as it did in 1950? Absolutely not.

The challenges churches face today share the same root cause, but are manifested in new ways. DiscipleGuide’s future rests in understanding the new challenges and creating solutions that churches need to make disciples of all nations. God has grown DiscipleGuide exponentially in the past and there is no reason to think He can’t do it again in the future! Let’s pray to that end.

Empowering the Priesthood

Discipleship cannot be bought or sold. It’s not a product that can be packaged. Rather, it is a calling to be lived.

DiscipleGuide doesn’t sell discipleship –we simply empower people to be better disciple-makers. Our publishing, camps, and conference resources are tools to be used by those responding to Christ’s call to make disciples of all their children, neighbors, small group, Bible study class, co-workers, friends, and family.

As the “priesthood of believers,” (1 Peter 2:9) believers are called to be co-laborers with Christ –representing Him on earth in the form of Disicple-makers.

DiscipleGuide helps make it happen by empowering the priesthood.

SOAR 2013 To Emphasize Discipleship

13SOARBannerImageThousands of students will gather July 2-4 in Grapevine Texas for SOAR 2013. This year’s theme, Three Chairs, will emphasize discipleship.

The summer conference will feature powerful teaching from inspirational speakers including: Dustin Wisely, Student Pastor at First Baptist Church in Magnolia, AR; Tracy McMillin, Student Pastor at Bethel Baptist Church in Fulton, MS; and Scott Attebery, Executive Director of DiscipleGuide.

Other guests include: Lecrae, The Rhett Walker Band, Jordan GodSon Henderson, and The Panic Squad.

Click here for more information and to register.

Web Store to Improve

DiscipleGuide is improving its online web store. The improvements will include features to make navigation and ordering more user-friendly and efficient. DiscipleGuide Executive Director Scott Attebery explains, “Ordering our products online should be a quick and easy experience.” Other features in development include confirmation emails with tracking numbers so that customers can easily track their orders as they are shipped.

DiscipleGuide is Listening

DGweheardIts hard to develop solutions without understanding the need. In order for DiscipleGuide to help you make disciples, we must first understand the challenges you face. That’s why we are surveying pastors, parents, leaders, and students to find out how we can help.

Over three hundred people have already taken the DiscipleGuide customer survey. A survey kiosk will be available at the DiscipleGuide display table for the 2013 BMAA National Meeting, April 20-22 in Norman, OK. The survey provides opportunities for feedback on key discipleship issues facing the church today. Following the national meeting, the survey will be available online at discipleguide.org.

The survey is not a mere one-time effort. Because the obstacles to disciple-making change rapidly, DiscipleGuide is committed to listening over the long run. Feedback forums, input blogs, and brainstorming retreats are already in the works to facilitate open discussion with disciple-makers. It’s all an effort to understand needs so we can develop solutions.

DiscipleGuide Cross-Collaborates

DiscipleGuide is leveraging the strength of its resources through cross-collaboration. “Many people forget that DiscipleGuide is comprised of three divisions: Camps, Conferences, and Literature,” states Executive Director Scott Attebery. “While all three are powerful in and of themselves, imagine the impact they can have when working together.”

As a first step, DiscipleGuide is preparing to launch a new line of literature that will be coordinated with a conference. The new line will be announced as soon as this summer. Other possibilities in the future include coordinating themes between camps and conferences for students, producing training workshops for teachers to learn how to use DiscipleGuide resources effectively, and creating follow-up literature for events.