Getting Ready for Summer 2016

By Jason Prewitt
Executive Director, Daniel Springs Camp

The last few months have been filled with a lot of phone calls, planning and assessing where the campground needs the most work. Since we have so many buildings and so much equipment, it is sometimes hard to find a starting place. Over the last year, God has continued to bring partners in ministry to the camp and it is really exciting to host groups that come and invest their resources, time, energy and help.

In December, we hosted a small winter retreat that we hope will grow larger each year. Worship was led by Aaron Greenwood and some of our summer staff returned to lead breakout Bible study sessions and recreation. The focus of the retreat was on service so we were blessed to have the Student Ministries from Union Hill Baptist Church in Brownsboro, Texas and Calvary Baptist Church in Fairfield, Texas come and serve by helping with the start of the main tabernacle remodel. They, along with our maintenance worker, Benjie Russ, were able to take down the ceiling panels and insulation. This allowed us to get a closer look at the metal roof and supports and opened our eyes to some major repair needs that we were not able to see with the drop ceiling in place.

In February, the Louisiana Tech Association of Baptist Students (ABS) came and spent several days working at the camp. During their three days, they were able to accomplish many things. They demolished three of the open-air tabernacles along with framing and pouring the concrete footings for the new tabernacles that will replace the ones torn down. They replaced wood on the outside of the cafeteria and covered area by the snack bar and power washed areas in preparation of painting and resealing countless windows all over the campground. The students were also very helpful with the continued work on the main tabernacle. They removed the metal ceiling grid that was still hanging from the drop ceiling and helped prepare the metal roof and beams for the spray-in foam insulation that will be finished later this spring.

We were also thankful to have Rick Cheeks, Howard Mount, Bob Hart and Art Leyva from the Mt. Olive Baptist Church in Scurry, Texas here during the same time as the Louisiana Tech ABS Team. This group of men is part of the Missions Committee that has been working with the camp since September 2015 in preparation of their church’s mission trip. Mt Olive will be bringing a larger group in March for a week. These men have been vital in preparing for groups like the ABS team and others who want to plan trips to help at the camp. They have already reached out to many churches asking for help with manpower and also finances to accomplish much-needed repairs and replacement of things that were just worn out. Because of their help in bringing awareness and helping with contacting other churches, we have teams coming both the weeks of March 7 and March 14, 2016.

Daniel Springs is a valuable place for the BMA. To ensure future generations the opportunity to experience the greatness of Daniel Springs, more work needs to be done. Call us at 1-903-685-2433 or e-mail to schedule a time for your church to come help us get ready for Summer 2016.

The Great Escape Conference

The Great Escape conference recently set sail from Galveston, Texas, on a five-day Western Caribbean cruise. The Great Escape is a time for children and youth leaders to get away and get recharged. During the conference, leaders are given the opportunity to hear valuable teaching and to connect with fellow leaders. Jeff Herring, associate pastor at Oak Park in Little Rock, Arkansas, has attended almost every Great Escape. This is how Jeff describes it.

“My wife and I have attended The Great Escape conference for as long as I can remember. I believe the only one we missed was when we were expecting our third child during the time of the conference. We have always enjoyed the conference, but we have especially enjoyed it since it has moved to a cruise ship-based conference.”

“When The Great Escape was previously held in a hotel/conference room setting it was beneficial to attend simply because of the content of the conference, but the awesome side benefit of having the conference on the cruise ship is the down time you get to spend with others that are in ministry like you and share concerns, struggles, victories, etc. In the previous hotel setting, you would attend the conference and usually break to go eat with people you already knew then come back to the conference. On the cruise you are all thrown in together and you get to know others you might not have had the chance to meet otherwise.”

“We not only attend now because of the conference and whatever content will be shared, which is usually very practical to ministry, but also so we can continue to meet others and spend time with our ministry friends that we have made throughout the years. Every year we leave refreshed and encouraged as a couple to continue in ministry. Many times The Great Escape has become a place where we have been able to give godly counsel to other ministers as they are facing difficult circumstances back home or we have been on the receiving end of that godly counsel. I believe The Great Escape conference not only provides some practical teaching on ministry, but it also provides invaluable time when ‘iron sharpens iron’ as we glean from the experiences of others.”

Mark your calendars for The Great Escape 2017, which will be January 14-19. Visit for additional information on The Great Escape and other DiscipleGuide conferences.

Lingle’s February Newsletter

New Home
We are happy to be getting settled into our new home in the area we are planning to plant a church. Above is a picture of the moving company that helped us move. We are now located in the northern tip of Bangkok.

It has been fun getting to know the area and making new friends. We stick out A LOT here in this area because there are not a lot of foreigners. People have been talking about us. Yesterday Brittney went out with Josie and people were asking where I was. We have not “officially met them yet,” but they are watching. Some people already call Josie by name and enjoy playing with her. She has made it easy to meet new people.

God blessed our House Searching 
This was actually only the second house we looked at! When we saw it we thought it was the best place to rent for the area, price, and size we needed. What helped us make the decision was the large living area. It has the living room, dinning room, and kitchen all in one big room. This will work well for us when we start hosting outreaches, parties, and bible studies in our home. We feel really blessed to get this house within our budget. We already had some friends come visit and pray that God will use this house as a place to serve and share with the Thai people. Brittney and I are happy to be in this home.


SOAR 2016 Is On A Mission

On July 6 more than 2,500 students will gather for three days at the Hilton Anatole in Dallas, Texas, for SOAR 2016. This year’s conference theme, “Global,” will focus on God’s heart for the nations.

“We are praying for 100 students to give their lives to missions this summer,” explains DiscipleGuide Director Scott Attebery. “Whether they become overseas missionaries, North American church planters, international student hosts, faithful prayer warriors, or lifelong supporters, we are praying that they embrace God’s global heartbeat for the rest of their lives!”

Each session of SOAR 2016 will feature keynote speaker Clif Johnson, pastor of Garrett Memorial Baptist Church in Hope, AR, while Aaron Williams and the SOAR band will return to lead students in praise and worship.

This year’s SOAR Village will provide an opportunity for hands-on learning and mission work. Attebery explains, “Our goal is to provide students and youth groups with opportunities to get involved in God’s mission while they are at the conference and give them ideas to take home for continued mission engagement.”

Registration for this year’s conference is $110 per person, and hotel rooms at the Hilton Anatole are $129 per night (4 person occupancy). For more information, visit

“Who knows,” states Attebery, “perhaps God would be so gracious as to start a missions revival in our churches through SOAR 2016!”

Churches and individuals are invited to begin praying now for God to raise up 100 students with a heart for missions at this year’s SOAR conference. Let’s all pray!

March Mission Trip
to Daniel Springs Camp

Letter from Mt. Olive Baptist Church in Scurry, Texas

Following the 2015 summer camp for our youth, one of the sponsors approached our Mission Committee with an opportunity to assist Daniel Springs Camp with long-needed repairs and other modifications to the camp facilities. A delegation from our church visited the camp to determine the needs and how our church could assist in meeting them.

We met with Camp Director Jason Prewitt to ascertain what goals were envisioned for the camp and what immediate objectives could be accomplished prior to the opening of the camp for the 2016 season. We reviewed an infrastructure report that had been previously published, examined the current camp situation, and determined that we could lend assistance through our 2016 mission project, which would make the camp more enjoyable and eliminate some safety concerns that were noticed.

The immediate needs were determined to be the following: 1) replacement of three outdoor tabernacles; 2) painting of the dining hall interior and exterior; 3) removal of the grid ceiling in the indoor tabernacle; 4) repair of the rotted timbers on the retaining walls; 5) installation of handrails at the creek crossing steps and other key locations; 6) replacement of deteriorated air conditioning ducting on several buildings; 7) miscellaneous painting and sealing projects.

We at Mt. Olive Baptist Church in Scurry, Texas, are spear-heading a missions project to address those needs. We have calculated that the project will require an estimated $42,000 in funding and approximately forty workers. Our church has pledged $15,000 and twenty volunteers toward the project. We are seeking other churches to partner with us in this endeavor, both in monetary donations and volunteer help. Any funding received above our goal will be applied to other projects at the camp.

Since multiple congregations utilize the facility, we are requesting their assistance in this endeavor. Daniel Springs Camp is an important part of our children’s futures and in their relationship with God. The camp provides a place where God can work miracles in their lives and let them come to know the Lord Jesus Christ as their Savior. Letters requesting help for this project have been sent to the churches who utilize Daniel Springs.

We have scheduled this mission trip for the week of March 7, which coincides with Spring Break for most schools. However, realizing that other schools have different schedules, the core of our project team will be present at the camp during the month of March.

We envision this project to be a beginning, and with God’s direction, further projects can be planned that will upgrade the camp’s condition and allow the camp to continue to be a vibrant location for our children.

For further information or perhaps participation with us, you can contact Howard Mount (972-839-9617) or Rick Cheek (214-234-6947). Monies can be sent directly to:

Daniel Springs Camp
P.O. Box 1749
Conway, AR 72033

Be sure to earmark your donations as “Camp Renovation Project.”

Thank You Churches

Sunday, December 20, 2015, was set aside as DiscipleGuide’s Kingdom Investment Sunday. Churches across the BMA took a special offering of which half went to a local ministry of their choice and half to DiscipleGuide. Thank you to the churches that invested in their communities and in DiscipleGuide. With your offering, DiscipleGuide will be able to continue investing in and helping churches as they maximize their Great Commission potential.

Your prayers and support help DiscipleGuide invest in churches through Conferences, Church Solutions, Curriculum, and Camps. Here is just a glimpse of what your support enables us to do:


Throughout the year, DiscipleGuide offers conferences to reach the variety of people and age groups in our churches. Each conference is designed with the Great Commission in mind. The Great Escape and Pastors Oasis provide leaders and pastors an opportunity to connect with other leaders and pastors. Students at SOAR connect with God in a high-energy atmosphere through teaching and worship. At the National Senior Adult Conference, senior adults have the opportunity to worship and learn with fellow believers. If you have never attended a DiscipleGuide conference, do not miss an opportunity in 2016:

January- Great Escape Children’s Ministers and Youth Leaders Cruise (January 16-21)

July- SOAR Youth Conference (July 6-8)

October- Pastors Oasis (October 3-5)

October/November- Senior Adult Conference (November 7-9)

For more information on conferences, visit or e-mail

Church Solutions:

DiscipleGuide cares for our churches and our pastors, and we show this by offering the following solutions:

Activate is a church revitalization plan. Under the direction of Todd West, Activate helps declining churches with the regrowth process.

Tuesday Talks take place the second Tuesday of each month. Tuesday Talks is an online training session designed to help churches maximize their Great Commission potential. These webcast sessions are taught by experienced ministry personnel and target wide-ranging topics.

Pastors Help Line is an anonymous help line offered in cooperation with Focus on the Family. Pastors, staff members, and their spouses can call 1-844-877-4262 and speak with someone about any struggle they are going through.

For more information on Church Solutions, visit


Even as more avenues to fulfill the Great Commission have been added to our ministry, the publication arm of DiscipleGuide is still a large and vital part of what DiscipleGuide does. DiscipleGuide offers curriculum for students in preschool through adulthood. If your church is not currently using any curriculum produced by DiscipleGuide, consider one of the following:

DiscipleKids is for preschool through 6th grade.

SoarLit and our latest product, Launch Kit, are designed to teach students in 7th-12th grades how to make an impact on their schools, families, friends and churches.

Compass Adult Study is a quarterly, in-depth Bible study divided into weekly lessons that help adults grow in their walk with Christ. To order any of these publications, visit or call 1-800-333-1442.

Camps-Daniel Springs

Daniel Springs, located in Gary, Texas, in the heart of the piney woods of East Texas, offers summer camps starting in June and going through the first part of August. Daniel Springs has been under the direction of Jason Prewitt since January 2015. Jason has brought a fresh and energetic spirit to Daniel Springs. Thousands of campers come to Daniel Springs each summer and encounter God in a unique way. Registration is now open for the 2016 camp season. Visit to plan your camp experience.

For more information on DiscipleGuide and the ways DiscipleGuide is helping churches maximize their Great Commission potential, please visit

Not Just Another “Special Offering”

“Is Kingdom Investment going to be just another ‘special offering?’” That was my concern as we considered asking BMA America churches to take an offering for DiscipleGuide. I remember, as a pastor, becoming cynical about every plea for an offering that passed my desk.

So, as our DiscipleGuide team discussed the idea of a special offering, I wanted to ensure that if we asked for churches to give, we could also ensure that it would benefit their local church and other BMA churches around the United States. In other words, I wanted to be able to guarantee churches that their offering would make a real difference in God’s Kingdom.

After deliberating over the idea for several months, I was finally satisfied. DiscipleGuide’s first-ever special offering is more than just a plea for money. It is an opportunity for churches to invest in the Kingdom and make a difference. Here are two reasons why I can recommend this offering to your church with full confidence:

First, the money raised will go to fund DiscipleGuide’s Activate church revitalization program. Activate is less than a year old and is already beginning to see fruit in local churches as our trained coaches are working hands on with church leaders. We offer Activate absolutely free to churches. As you can imagine, the cost to do so is not cheap. Our Kingdom Investment offering will fund this vital ministry and allow us to continue offering it free of charge.

The second reason I am confident in asking churches to participate in Kingdom investment is that the offering is not just about DiscipleGuide. The unique aspect of Kingdom Investment is how churches are asked to invest half of their offering in a local ministry project. That’s right, half of the money stays at home for local investment and the other half is used by DiscipleGuide for Kingdom Investment in local churches around the BMA needing help.

This is our first time to attempt a special offering. Admittedly, we are learning as we go. If you are interested in having your church participate but have not received information regarding the offering yet, we apologize. Please call Jonathan Wilson at 501-358-7054 or email him at for more information on how you, your pastor, and your church can participate on December 20. Information is also available at Thank you in advance for your consideration.

The Great Escape Youth & Children’s Leader Cruise

DiscipleGuide and Central Baptist College invite youth and children’s leaders to come aboard the Carnival Freedom and be part of a unique opportunity to fellowship and build supportive relationships with others in leadership roles, whether paid staff or volunteer. This is a unique opportunity to refresh, learn new ministry skills, and enjoy free time. The cruise is open to anyone working with youth and children. Because of their vital role in ministry, spouses are encouraged to attend as well. (Due to the nature of the cruise, it is not recommended that children attend.)

The cruise will depart from Galveston, Texas, Saturday afternoon, January 16 at 4:00 and return to the same port on Thursday, January 21 at 8:30 a.m. Ports of call will be Yucatan, Progresso, and Cozumel, Mexico, along with two days at sea which will include entertainment and great food aboard ship.

Terry Kimbrow, President of Central Baptist College, will again be cruise host. Mark Dance, Lifeway’s Pastor Advocate, will be the guest speaker and his topic will be how to build a healthy life in and away from ministry.

For more information, contact Thomas Mobly at 501-358-3530 or You can also visit

DiscipleGuide Kingdom Investment Offering

By Scott Attebery
Executive Director

The local Church is the key to fulfilling the great commission. Just think of everything that happens predominately through the local church:

  • People come to faith in Christ
  • Believers are discipled
  • The wayward come home
  • Revival breaks out
  • Missionaries are sent out
  • Future leaders are trained
  • God’s truth is proclaimed

Jesus gave the Great Commission exclusively to the local church. That’s why BMA Baptists have always stood up for the local church.

Today, more than ever, local churches in our association are crying out for help. And DiscipleGuide is answering the call. We have expanded our services and added “hands on” consulting and coaching ministries for local churches and pastors. We know the challenges of ministry and we want to help churches maximize their impact. Simply put, the future of many local churches is on the line right now.

This Christmas, DiscipleGuide invites you to invest in your church as well as churches around the nation through our Kingdom Investment offering.

The idea is simple. On December 20, churches will take a special offering to be invested two different ways – at home and throughout North America.

Each church chooses their own local project to fund. It could be anything –funding a new outreach event, supporting a local shelter, scholarships for kids who can’t afford summer camp – every church will have a different way to invest in the Kingdom at home.

As for the money sent to DiscipleGuide, we will reinvest your offering into local churches needing help. Your gift could help keep the doors open for a church struggling to find a new pastor. Or to make help available for a weary pastor who’s ready to give up. You can be a part of seeing a dying church revived, a young man give his life to missions, or a teenage girl trust Christ as her savior. Now that’s worth the investment!

Your church can make an eternal difference this Christmas through DiscipleGuide’s Kingdom Investment offering.

For more information, go to and/or watch Tuesday Talks on November 9 at 10am on

Impact of Daniel Springs

By Jason Prewitt
Camp Director

Daniel Springs has impacted thousands of lives over the years. I recently received the following letter from Caitlin Dalrymple, 2015 summer camp staffer, expressing her appreciation for Daniel Springs and how Daniel Springs impacted her life. Caitlin’s letter gets me excited to see who God is going to bring along to partner with us in spreading the gospel. I pray that after you read it, you too will be excited about what God is doing at Daniel Springs.

“What can I say about Daniel Springs? Daniel Springs is a place where lifelong friends are made and people come to Christ. My name is Caitlin Dalrymple, and I had the opportunity to work here during the summer of 2015; and I can easily say this was the best decision I could have made. I am from Perkinston Mississippi, which is about seven hours from Gary, Texas, so many people wonder how I ended up at Daniel Springs. Well, I can honestly say it’s all a part of God’s amazing plan.

Over the summer I had unlimited opportunities to share Christ’s love with others. Many of the staffers taught Bible studies, which was a major blessing. This allowed us to really connect to the campers and get to know them and hopefully lead them to Christ. Between morning celebration, recreation, and evening worship, we had a summer that was packed with many laughs, many tears, and a whole lot of love. Jason and Jessica Prewitt could not have picked a better staff for the summer. We all came from different backgrounds, states, and ages, but you would have thought that we had been friends forever. I am so thankful for my time at Daniel Springs. It will always have a special place in my heart.”

If Daniel Springs impacted your life, I want to hear your story. E-mail me at or post it to our Facebook page (Daniel Springs Baptist Camp).