Ronnie Floyd to Speak at BMA National Meeting

Dr. Ronnie Floyd-Formal1 WEBDr. Ronnie Floyd, President of the Southern Baptist Convention, will be one of the guest speakers at the annual meeting of the Baptist Missionary Association of America.

Dr. Ronnie Floyd has been a pastor for over thirty-seven years. His experience, wisdom and passion for God make him a powerful proclaimer of God’s Word. He teaches principles from the Bible that encourages and uplifts thousands of people all over the world via TV, the Internet, podcasts, radio, speaking engagements and books.

Since 1986 Pastor Floyd has served as Senior Pastor of Cross Church in Northwest Arkansas. Dr. Floyd’s ministry as a local church pastor has been one of commitment to evangelism, discipleship, and the advancement of the gospel to America and around the world. In Dr. Floyd’s twenty-eight years of ministry in Northwest Arkansas, the church has baptized over 17,000 persons.

In 2001 First Baptist Church of Springdale became a multi-campus ministry with the beginning of The Church at Pinnacle Hills. In 2010 the church changed its name to Cross Church, and in 2011 the church further expanded its ministry with the beginning of a campus in the city of Fayetteville. Each week, thousands gather in multiple worship venues. While meeting at various local sites and five campuses, the church is committed to planting churches regionally, nationally, and internationally.

Beyond his church and denomination, Pastor Floyd has spoken at many national and international conferences such as Promise Keepers and has been featured on numerous television and radio programs including Focus on the Family. Pastor Floyd has authored twenty books including The Power of Prayer and Fasting, revised and expanded; 10 Things Every Minister Needs to Know; and Our Last Great Hope: Awakening the Great Commission. His next book, FORWARD: 7 Distinguishing Marks for Future Leaders, will be released in 2015.

Pastor Floyd’s proudest accomplishments stem from his personal life. He and his wife Jeana have been married for thirty-eight years. They have two sons, Josh and Nick. Josh is married to Kate, and they have three sons, Peyton, Parker, and Jack. Nick is married to Meredith, and they have two daughters, Reese and Norah and a son, Beckham.

“We’re excited to have Dr. Floyd spend time with us at our National Meeting,” said BMA President Dr. Jason Aultman. “This will be one of the highlights of our meeting this year. There will be several other opportunities for learning and growing as leaders that we will be offering at the National Meeting as well.”

President Aultman recently announced that this year’s meeting would not only be a time of business, but also a time of encouragement and leadership development. Various breakout topics to help BMA churches do a more effective job of reaching their communities will be offered as well.

The BMA National Meeting will be held April 20-22 at the University Hotel and Convention Center in Springfield, Missouri.

Oakland Welcomes Chris Tillotson

Oakland Baptist Church, Vicksburg, Ms.

Oakland welcomes Chris Tillotson as Minister of Youth and Worship.  Bro. Chris joined the staff at Oakland full-time on February 2nd, 2015. He will be developing our Student Ministry and providing direction for our various ministries related to worship.  Chris’s wife, Celeste, and daughter, Beth work alongside Chris as a family ministry team.  We are so blessed to have them join our Church family.

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Looking Back with Thanksgiving and Forward with Faith

BMA Lobby LogoBy Steve Crawley, Lifeword Executive Director
From Mission:World November/December 2014

Recently an elderly pastor within the Baptist Missionary Association (BMA) of America visited the new headquarters building in Conway, Arkansas. He reminisced about a conversation he had with a group of pastors some forty years earlier regarding associational work. “If our departments could work together more closely, we could be so much more effective in helping our churches,” they concluded. After touring the facility and discussing the new vision, he commented, “I’m more excited about the work of the BMA today than I have ever been in my entire ministry!”

As we look back with thanksgiving for the labor and toil of those who came before us, we look forward with faith as God directs us into a new chapter of associational work. It is thrilling to see how God is invigorating our associated efforts. Churches and departments are collaborating like never before to fulfill the Great Commission.

Looking Back With Thanksgiving

We look back with thanksgiving for the provisions of God and for the many men and women who gave their lives in service to our Lord. Our predecessors understood the power of churches working together and encouraged a spirit of cooperation from the genesis of the association. The BMA Statement of Principles of Cooperation asserts that the purpose of the BMA of America is to “provide cooperating departments and agencies that will inspire a mission vision and assist each local church in carrying out the Great Commission.” We are grateful for the vision of cooperation that has laid a firm foundation upon which we can build.

Historically, organizational life cycles follow a predictable pattern – progress, plateau, and decline. The BMA is no different from any other organization. Looking back on the history of the association, as shared when we originally cast the Vision for the Future plan, reveals some periods of distinction.

The origin of the BMAA dates back to May 25, 1950, when dedicated men and women representing 465 churches met at Temple Baptist Church in Little Rock, Arkansas and stepped out with courage and faith to form a new association. By 1970, the BMA of America had birthed departments or agencies that encompassed various facets of ministry including missions, publications, education, research and public relations, chaplaincy, youth, and media.

By 1970, the association had grown from 465 churches to approximately 1,500 and, according to Dr. John Duggar in his book on the history of the BMA, the “forward thrust seems to have been greater from 1971 to 1980 than in previous decades.” This period of expansion was marked by significant increases in financial contributions from the churches, resulting in new mission fields, new publications, and new departments. There were more denominational workers than ever before by the end of the decade, and the associational work seemed to be “getting bigger and better.” Key highlights during the period of expansion and plateau were the number of baptisms reported for the years 1969-1978, which averaged 10,206 annually. Dr. Duggar noted in his historical account of the association that the BMA reached a point of maturity during this era.

As the association came to a point of maturation in the mid to late 1980s, a period of decline—as with any organization—would follow. The number of reported baptisms during the last decade of the century decreased by 70%, 41% of new mission projects disbanded, and less than half of the churches surveyed in 2010 were intentional in their disciple-making efforts. As with any organization in decline, short of a catalytic event to halt the downward trend, the situation was not likely to improve.

Yet we are thankful to God for raising up pastors, laypeople, and other leaders willing to meet these challenges head on. Over the last decade, there has been a concerted effort to increase the level of cooperation among BMA churches and entities. Beginning with the departmental restructuring effort in 2004 and culminating with the Vision for the Future approved in 2013, we are now witnessing God’s invigoration of the associated work with a “fresh wind and fresh fire!”

Recent Developments

A major obstacle limiting cooperation in the past has been departments working from separate locations, often with a unilateral vision. Phase one of the departmental integration effort, which was approved by the churches in 2013, removed this obstacle. The staffs of BMA Missions, BMAA Foundation, DiscipleGuide (approved in 2014), and Lifeword now work from the same facility in Conway, Arkansas. What was once a dream is now a reality. This strategic move provides departments and agencies a state of the art facility to serve our churches. Simultaneously, the on-going operating cost structures for each entity will be lower by sharing employees where applicable as well as fixed overhead costs.

Another obstacle has been the lack of a centralized entity to facilitate shared costs among cooperating departments. The first phase of the integration process has also removed this obstacle with the creation of the BMA America Limited Liability Company (LLC). The BMA America LLC is owned by the departments of the association and provides a way to classify shared costs, employees, and assets. The jointly owned headquarter facility in Conway will be held within the LLC, and each department’s ownership will be proportionate with its level of investment.

This centralization effort maintains the distinction of separate, autonomous departments while providing a structure of optimal efficiency. The LLC is not a department or agency, and all costs of the entity are allocated to the departments or agencies where applicable. Shared overhead and employee costs are budgeted within each department based on standard costs; actual costs are then allocated based on the actual work performed. Thus, only costs associated with a department’s or an agency’s activities are charged to that entity and reported in its financial statements. For full transparency, independent auditors will review the transactions of the LLC annually.

In 2014, the churches of the BMA approved the formation of a new agency of the association – BMAA Foundation. This agency provides a venue for members of churches within the BMA to help fund Great Commission efforts in perpetuity. Foundation Executive Charles Attebery is leading this agency and the planned giving initiative. Within the past year alone, 2.2 million dollars was committed to the work of BMA entities through the planned giving initiative, and this is just the tip of the iceberg when one considers the compounded impact such a program will have in years to come.

Someone once said, “Information is the life blood of any organization.” For the first time in our history, the BMA now provides constituents with an informational magazine that highlights the entire work of the association. Produced in house, the magazine’s contents are aimed at keeping church members informed about our joint efforts of reaching the world for Christ. Additionally, for the first time the BMA has a website that is perpetually updated to keep churches informed about the ministries in real time.

Looking Forward With Faith

Just as our predecessors stepped out in faith 64 years ago, we must step out in faith today. The first phase of integration focused on establishing a shared facility and developing an efficient operating structure. We are thankful that God has provided the means for us to achieve our initial goals. However, if accomplishing these objectives is the extent of our vision, our level of effectiveness will be greatly compromised. The first phase of the integration effort was simply a step to provide the operating platform necessary to accomplish the second phase – strategic alignment. We do not know where this effort will lead but look forward with faith, trusting the Lord to direct our path.

To begin the second phase of integration, the departments and agencies of the BMA of America will come together to engage in formal strategic planning. We intend for this exercise to be perpetual and fluid. The purpose of the effort will be to address some of the challenges faced during our period of decline. We also hope to design a cohesive ministry plan with each entity working together in concert with the others to assist BMA churches in fulfilling the Great Commission.

Departmental leaders acknowledge that our churches do not exist for the departments; the departments exist for the churches. A part of the process will involve engaging in research that will provide a basis to develop innovative ways to assist churches in their quest to minister within their locales. Moreover, the departments will also continue to assist churches in their quest to make disciples of the nations.

As we look back, we are thankful for God’s providence and for the foundation our forefathers provided in the past. As we look forward, we walk by faith with an aura of anticipation about where God will take us in the future. Echoing the sentiments of the pastor quoted earlier, “I am more excited than ever about the work of the BMA of America!” In this season of Thanksgiving and celebration, may we pause to express gratitude to our sovereign Lord for what He has done and for what He is going to do.


Changes Discussed for 2015 BMA National Meeting

TT_1bBMA America President, Dr. Jason Aultman, along with the directors of the four national BMA departments, are in the process of discussing changes to the agenda of the 2015 National Meeting in Springfield, Missouri. “We are seeking for ways to make our meeting more inviting, appealing and beneficial to our attendees,” according to Aultman. “Attendance to meetings such as our BMA America National Meeting are on the decline across all denominations and the BMA is no exception. I, along with our department leaders, have been listening to suggestions from our pastors on how to make our meeting more meaningful to our people. We’re hoping to hear from even more of them in next few weeks.”

Dr. Aultman will be speaking to all of the pastors of the BMA on Tuesday Talks next Tuesday, December 16 at 10:00 am to discuss several proposals. Some of the changes include options for investing in those in attendance through various workshops and focused training opportunities. In the Tuesday Talks webcast Dr. Aultman will be discussing how this new look for the National Meeting could work. He stresses that all of these ideas have come at the urging of the national directors and pastors across the BMA. “It has become apparent to many that the time to look at some new options for our meeting has come. I’m hoping to get as much input from our pastors as possible.”

Tuesday Talks can be found on your web browser at www.bmalife/tv. This broadcast is produced monthly by DiscipleGuide Church Resources.

Plan Now for 2014 Year End Giving

BMAFoundationBy Charles Attebery
BMA Foundation

As we approach the end of another calendar year, are you planning special year end contributions to your church, or favorite charity? Why not add the BMA Foundation to your list this year?

Your contribution will never be spent. It will be invested and only the earnings will be used to help the departments of the BMA of America spread the gospel to a growing number of people around the world. Please send your contribution to: BMA Foundation, P.O. Box 1188, Conway, Arkansas 72033. Contributions must be received by December 31 to be tax deductible for 2014 income tax purposes. If additional information is needed please call 501-329-6891.

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BMA America Publishes Address Changes

Production2The recent move to Conway, Arkansas by BMA Missions and DiscipleGuide Church Resources, has necessitated a change in address for these departments. Please note the following addresses when sending offerings or correspondence to BMA National Departments.

BMA Missions
PO Box 878
Conway, AR  72033-0878

PO Box 1749
Conway, AR  72033-1749

PO Box 6
Conway, AR  72033-0006

The street address for the above departments for UPS or FedEx shipping of packages including all used literature to be disbursed on the mission field is:

611 Locust Street
Conway, AR  72034


BMA Theological Seminary
PO Box 670
Jacksonville, TX  75766-0670

Ministers Resource Services
PO Box 2866
Texarkana, AR  75504-2886

Moral Action Agency
PO Box 305
Mantachie, MS  38855-0305

Eastside Baptist VBS

EASTSIDE1Eastside Baptist church in Fayetteville, Arkansas will have Vacation Bible School (VBS) for all kids in the area on July 28-30.  Title will be Tales of the Not Forgotten.  We will be accepting donations to the food pantry. The last night will be a church cookout.

Larry Hendren interim pastor
Judy Faulkner clerk

Keltys First Baptist Fall Conference

Trinity-ConfKeltys First Baptist Church in Lufkin, Texas invites you to their Fall Bible Conference.

This year’s conference features Dr. Bruce Ware, Professor of Christian Theology at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.

Conference Schedule:
Aug 29, Friday @ 7pm
Aug 30, Saturday @ 6pm
Aug 31, Sunday @ 10am & 6pm

Church address: 2402 North John Redditt Drive, Lufkin, Texas 75904

For more info contact: 936-634-4019 | |

Mississippi's 56th Annual Missions & Evangelism Conference

By  Larry Geraldson

56th Annual Missions & Evangelism Conference
of the Baptist Missionary Association of Mississippi
May 3, 2014

“Missions Now More Than Ever”

Sponsored by: The Baptist Missionary Association of Mississippi Missions Department

Hosted by: First Baptist Church of Shady Grove

Registration begin: 9:30am

10:00-10:30am – Music/Introduction of the Theme/Opening Prayer – Larry Geraldson

10:30-11:00am – The Clarity of Our Message … Jer 26:2, “Diminish not a word…” – Dr. John Adams

11:00-11:15am – Break/Music

11:15-11:45 – The Commitment of the Man… Daniel 1:8 “Daniel purposed in his heart that he would not defile himself with the portion of the king’s meat…” – Justin Cameron

11:45-1:00pm – Lunch – (During the meal, our Missions Coordinators will give brief reports.)

1:00-1:10 – Music

1:10-1:50pm – The Certainty of the Call… Amos 7:15 “…the Lord said unto me, Go prophesy…” – Bob Burch & Sidney Farmer

1:50-2:00pm – Break

2:00-2:30pm – Special Music – Damascus Road

2:30-3:00pm – The Captivity of The Conceited … Jonah 1:3 “…Jonah rose up to flee unto Tarshish from the presence of the Lord.” – Bryan Atwood

3:00-3:10pm – Break/Music

3:10-3:40pm – The Collapse of Character… Mal 1:10 “…I have no pleasure in you…” – Johnny Williams

3:40-3:50pm – Break/Music

3:50pm-4:20pm – The Commission to Continue… Matt 5:13-16 & Matt 28:18-20 – Gary Smith

4:20-4:30pm – Break/Music

4:30-5:00pm – The Charge, The Course & The Crown…  2 Tim 4 – Dr. Charley Holmes

5:00- Banquet Line Begins

5:30pm – (During the meal, our Missionaries will give brief reports and new Missionaries will be introduced.) Drawing for IPad

6:30pm – (Dismissed)