Dominican Republic Hurricane Update

By Jesse and Rebecca Hales

Many have asked how Matthew effected our ministry in the Dominican.  I was told by our pastors that there were no lasting effects at any of our churches.  The Haiti side of the island faired far worse.  If you’re interested, please contact BMA missionary Bro. Poirier to find out how to help there.  We were in the US when Matthew hit the island.  We flew to Little Rock on Sept. 23rd to begin our 3-month long focus on reporting to supporting churches.  Due to the type of visas we got in the past we have come back each year for one month to renew them.  Each time, we tried to visit as many of our supporting churches as possible, but that wasn’t a lot.  This time around we are trying to first focus on our supporting churches that we have not been to since our first visit about 4 years ago.  As of sending this out we have had 18 meetings in 20 days with about 70 total scheduled, but unfortunately we still aren’t going to be able to see all of you.


IT’S A GIRL!!  I announce that with all due fear and trembling!  Lydia Diann seems perfectly healthy at this point and is on track for her estimated arrival date of Feb. 10th.  Rebecca is doing well.  She is really enjoying the cooler weather and being around her family.  The boys are fine.  They don’t care for having to wear pants and long sleeves.  Colton does not understand why for one we have to drive so far to get to church.  He told me that he likes the US but he likes the Dominican Republic better.  One of his biggest shockers so far has been that Daddy has to get out and pump the gas when we buy gas.


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