Elective Breakout Sessions for 2016 BMAA National Meeting Announced

Six breakout sessions have been announced for the 2016 BMAA National Meeting in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. The elective breakouts are provided as opportunities for practical ministry training and resourcing. The following slate of topics and speakers will address a wide array of relevant issues facing pastors and churches today:


The Importance of Women in Ministry-Jerene Reddin

Women have a valuable place in kingdom work. From the Old Testament through the New Testament, and from the early church through today, God has used faithful ladies to spread the gospel and make disciples of all nations.

Join Jerene Reddin for a celebration of ministry from a female perspective. As an active ministry leader, Jerene has a unique perspective that will be an inspiration and encouragement. She and her husband, George Reddin, serve faithfully at Denver Street Baptist Church in Greenwood, Arkansas.


How to Resolve Conflict within the Church-Dr. Mike Smith

Conflict can wreak havoc on a congregation, but God has not left us to work out our problems alone. Instead, he has given us clear strategies for peacekeeping in his Word and promised the presence of his Spirit to work through our conflicts.

Dr. Mike Smith is President of Jacksonville College in Jacksonville, Texas. His book, Conflict: Causes and Cures, draws on wisdom from working with over 3,000 conflict cases throughout his ministry.


How to Protect Your Church from a Lawsuit-Kurt Hetherington

Today, more than ever, churches are under attack. The demand for homosexual weddings, claims of unlawful discrimination and accusations of hate-speech are only the beginning. Is your church prepared to defend itself?

Kurt Hetherington is the president of James Greene and Associates in Sherwood, Arkansas. The agency is one of America’s largest insurers of churches and related ministries. Kurt has over twenty years of insurance and risk management experience. He is also a CRM (Certified Risk Manager) and has held this designation for almost ten years. His specialized training and experience with church insurance and lawsuits provide him with insight to help pastors protect their congregations.


Small Churches Can Make a Big Difference, Paul Bearfield

Who said that only big churches can make an impact? The fact of the matter is that the majority of churches in America are small. The bulk of ministry in America happens in congregations of less than seventy people.

Paul Bearfield is the pastor of Worden Baptist Church in Bald Knob, Arkansas. This small congregation is reaching a multi-ethnic, multi-generational farming community through outreach and discipleship. Paul’s experience in both large and small churches gives him a unique perspective on the advantages small churches have in reaching communities for Christ.


How to Deliver Transformational Teaching-Mark Livingston

It is possible to share information without seeing transformation. What is it that sets apart powerful teaching and preaching from a mere lecture? Whether you are a first-time Sunday school teacher or a seasoned pastor, this session will provide practical tips you can put into action this Sunday.

Dr. Mark Livingston is the pastor of Keltys First Baptist Church in Lufkin, Texas. His background in radio broadcasting, coupled with doctoral studies in preaching, has helped Mark hone his communication skills. In addition to pastoring, Mark also teaches at BMA Seminary in Jacksonville, Texas, and serves as managing editor of Compass Adult Bible Studies.


How to Recruit and Keep Volunteers, Bryan Atwood

Do you find yourself scrambling each week to fill teaching positions? Is it hard to keep nursery workers? Do you have to replace greeters more often than you’d like?

Every church runs on volunteers. No matter how big the congregation’s budget or attendance, the majority of workers within any given church are volunteers.

Bryan Atwood, pastor of Campground Baptist Church in Gulfport, Mississippi, possesses years of experience organizing volunteers for both a church and a campground. In this breakout, he will share helpful ideas for identifying, training, and keeping volunteers in your church.


For more information on the 2016 BMAA national meeting, including schedules, maps, and lodging, go to bmaamerica.org/nationalmeeting.

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