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Improvements to Compass Aim for Life Change

“I’ll skip Bible Study this week. It’s not like it will make a difference anyway.” Not make a difference? Surely that can’t be right. Unfortunately, for many church members, that’s an accurate description.

According to several studies over the past two decades, weekly Sunday school classes have had very little impact on the way members live. For many churches, Sunday school has become a come-and-go, take-it-or-leave it meeting. Simply put, many Sunday school and small groups don’t really make a difference.

DiscipleGuide aims to help churches revitalize Bible study groups and Sunday school classes through improvements to Compass Adult Bible Studies beginning in December of 2016. The DiscipleGuide team has worked diligently for over two years to enhance the curriculum to bring about greater gospel transformation in the lives of small group and Sunday school class members.

Because the Word of God changes lives, every church must intentionally teach and disciple members to grow strong in Scripture. Small group leaders and Sunday school teachers have a powerful opportunity to impact lives. For this reason, a church’s choice of curriculum is of utmost importance.

The updated Leader Guide will provide greater preparation tools for each lesson. In addition, each study guide will deliver interactive, practical discussion questions to help group members apply biblical truth immediately.

To request a Compass sample packet, including lesson samples and helpful leader videos, call 800-333-1442 or visit discipleguide.org/sample today.

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