Salvation and Moral Living

By Dr. John M. Adams, Executive Director of Moral Action (from Mission:World – May/June)

Moral Action ministries joins hands with BMA Missions, Lifeword, DiscipleGuide, BMA Seminary and Ministers Resource Services in working to reach the lost with the eternal message of salvation and moral living.  Salvation is essential to eternal life, while moral living is essential to a Godly life here on earth.  Moral Action exists to give a voice to millions of decent, law-abiding; God fearing Americans who want to do something about the moral decline of our country.  We provide information as a tool to help Christians more effectively lobby their State House, Congressmen, Senators, and our President.  The elected need to hear from the Christian electorate – our churches.

As the departments and agencies of the Baptist Missionary Association of America cast a unified vision before our great churches, we do so with an eye for the future.  We do so that our young will be proud of our heritage and long for a continued growth in His Kingdom Work.  We do so for His glory.

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