Lifeword’s Spanish Broadcast Changes Lives

El Contacto Cristiano is one of Lifeword’s fifty broadcasts on the air in more than 300 radio stations in the United States, Mexico, Central America, South America, the Caribbean, and Spain. It can also be heard all over the world via, and soon via Trans World’s Radio llportal

At Lifeword, we don’t always get to hear the stories and testimonials of the transformed lives from God’s redemptive work and some we may never get to hear on this side of eternity. Below is an example of how God used one broadcast to redeem a life and later others in another country over the course of twenty-three years. This letter is used by permission as it was sent from Radio Amistad to one of their donors, Jazmina Robinson, the wife of El Contacto Cristiano’s speaker, Ricky Robinson. A network of radio stations in Houston, Radio Amistad has faithfully partnered with Lifeword in airing the good news of salvation.

                  “Dear Jazmina, thank you very much for your offering to the Radio Amistad ministry…In June 1993, Perfecta started to listen to the radio and she felt attracted to the message of hope and peace, something she felt was lacking in her life. In fact, she felt that she was the worst sinner in the world! One day while she was listening to El Contacto Cristiano she heard Pastor Ricardo Robinson say that nobody is too much of a sinner to disqualify them from accepting Christ, then he invited the listeners to put their full trust in Jesus for salvation. She prayed to God confessing her sins and put her trust in Jesus. Immediately she felt the change that began in her heart and called the radio station to share the joy of having received the gift of salvation. I visited Perfecta, took her some Bible study material (El Contacto Cristiano offers free discipleship material), and I encouraged her in the Lord before she had to depart back to Mexico.

                  On July 20, 2016, Perfecta called our radio network to thank Radio Amistad and for the discipleship material she received. When she returned to Mexico she went through many trials with her family. Her father pressured her to renounce her new faith in Christ and made life practically impossible for Perfecta, almost to the point of renouncing her faith in Jesus Christ, but she did not give Satan the joy of doing so. Finally, almost twenty-three years later, Perfecta is reporting that members of her family have come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, beginning with her mom and then her brothers. After many years her dad, too, came to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and made a profession of faith. Perfecta is now married to a man of God and along with her three children, they are active in their church. For the glory of God, all twelve immediate family members have now declared Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

                  God is using your investment not only to touch the lives of listeners, but the lives of their families as well. I give thanks to God because together we are accomplishing the Great Commission of our Lord Jesus Christ. On August 7th we went on air on Houston 101.5 FM. We covet your prayers so that more are reached for Christ by using this new radio frequency.

Serving the King,

Dolly Martin

Director, Radio Amistad”

Contributions to Lifeword help people like Perfecta and her family hear the gospel via the airwaves and be redeemed by God. Partnering with this unique media ministry enables lives like these around the world come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

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