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MoralActionWebLooking for a good catalog of “helps” related to Morality and  Patriotism?  Visit our  website:

Our “link” can also be located on the BMA Life webpage and,  also, on the various departments of the BMA.

Categories at include:

1.  Dr. Adams’ personal notes and article archives;

2.  Moral Action purpose statement  (why we exist);

3.  A bibliography about the Executive Director;

4.  The Moral Action Board of Trustees;

5.  Action Alerts;

6.  A fast search engine on biblical questions located on “got Questions?org”;

7.  Click on “Bible Gateway” to search for a word or passage in the Bible;

8.  A great search site is “Scribd” ( which includes a personal digital library for new books and articles;

9.  Locate a free copy of “What One Person Can do To Fight  Pornography”

10.  Locate the section “Issues Dealing With Sexuality” and “Church Safety and Security”
This is a great resource for pastors and churches.

11.  A great concern of Dr. Adams is the “Reconstructing American History” Click on the download file to read this startling report of our country’s history.

Take time to read Dr. Adams’ article on “What Happens if We Christians Do Nothing.”  The Church should encourage its members to be actively involved in Moral and Social issues facing our society today!

Our contacts are located on the webpage , as well.
You can locate me with concerns or questions.
Also, if in the area, come by and visit the Moral Action Display at
6080 Hwy 363, Mantachie, MS  (Tupelo area).  We are here to serve you.

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