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Oklahoma Storm Relief

We have arranged several ways for you to help with the storm relief efforts in the Moore, Oklahoma area.

1. You can donate funds online at www.bmamissions.org by designating your funds to the Disaster Relief category and noting that you would like your donation to be given directly to the Oklahoma Relief Effort. We do want to ensure you that there is no overhead and that your entire donation will be given directly to the relief effort as designated.

2. If you are in the Central Arkansas area, you can bring donations to Lifeword. There are some Lifeword staff members who will be heading to OK next week to assist with the efforts and will gladly carry any donations with them.

3. Southgate Baptist Church, a BMA Church in Moore, will be our source for information on what we can do in the area. That will let us know how we can continue to help in the best way possible as things change and get underway in the next couple of days. We will operate directly through our local church throughout the relief efforts. Contacting Southgate on ways you can help would be a great source if you are considering sending donations or teams to help in the relief effort. Southgate is pastored by Bro. Doug Brewer

More information will be added as we continue to get updates from Southgate Baptist Church.


Items that are needed and are being taken as donations.

Baby formula
Bug spray
Bungee cords
Disposable cameras (for insurance claims) Disposable gloves

Dry Food
Face Masks
Feminine hygiene products
Hand sanitizer
Individual wrapped snacks
Pet supplies
Plastic storage containers of all sizes with lids Pre-paid cell phones
Trash bags
Usable tarps of all sizes
Visa money cards
Wal-mart gift cards
Wash clothes/hand towels
Bottled Water
Clothes (children’s clothes especially) Non-Perishable food items


Lifeword Media Ministries – 611 Locust Ave
Antioch Baptist Church – 150 Amity Rd
Central Baptist College – 1501 College Ave
Conway Copies – 2505 Donaghey


1st trip to Moore – Leaving May 26 @ 3 from Lifeword

2nd trip to Moore – Leaving June 1st from Antioch


Click here to download the information sheet for Oklahoma Storm Relief.

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