Ricky Williams September 2016 Newsletter

Seminary Classes Across Latin America September 5th was the first day of class for twenty-three students from eight countries.  This fall under the auspices of BMA Seminary three classes are being taught.  Phil Knott, Eric Johnson and I each teach one class a week at the Associate of Divinity level via the internet.  Pray for […]

Manara Mountain Ministry

There are seven billion people in the world today. Two billion of them can hear a Lifeword broadcast through traditional Lifeword “broad”-casting and Lifeword Community Radio “narrow” -casting. Covering more territory and more languages is Lifeword’s continued prayer through those gospel programs. During the 2016 Lifeword Sunday/Walk season, Lifeword Community Radio will be highlighted in […]

Lifeword’s Spanish Broadcast Changes Lives

El Contacto Cristiano is one of Lifeword’s fifty broadcasts on the air in more than 300 radio stations in the United States, Mexico, Central America, South America, the Caribbean, and Spain. It can also be heard all over the world via www.oneplace.com, www.elsitiocristiano.com and soon via Trans World’s Radio llportal www.twr360.org. At Lifeword, we don’t […]