Hales Family Happenings – July 2016

Jesse and Rebecca Hales Dominican Republic It is always encouraging when one ministry has developed enough where you can somewhat transition out of it and into another one.  When we first moved here to the Santo Domingo area Rebecca focused most of her ministry time in helping the children’s ministry in Manoguayabo.  That ministry has […]

Ricky Williams’ Newsletter

Roof for Multi-Use Facility Started As you can see in the photo, work has begun!  Thanks to the generous offerings of one church in Texas, five columns will be built.  Two columns have been poured and work on the other three progresses. That just leaves seven (7) left to raise funds for. In case you […]

June Update from Todd & Tina Cox

Summer is in Full Swing!! School is out, summer is here and we are busy at StonePoint Church in North Georgia!! Much is going on here and we are excited to be writing to everyone and catching you up on how things are going at our mission here and our church plant – StonePoint Church. […]

Broom Newsletter – June

Greetings from Ghana West Africa! We are now back in Ghana from our furlough.  We arrived on May 4th and we’ve been busy ever since then.  We really enjoyed our time in the states and are so glad that we were able to visit with so many churches, associations, WMA and GMA meetings!  The time […]

Hales Newsletter – June 2016

Jesse and Rebecca Hales Dominican Republic Those of you who read our newsletter last month know that it was more difficult than normal. That is not the case this month. In fact, God has opened the door for us to directly minister in one of those situations and we have seen some promising moves to […]