Lingles Newsletter – June 2016

By Brandon & Brittney Lingle Thailand Judson James Lingle! Baby JJ is here! He was born June 3rd 12:44pm. JJ was 7.3lbs and 20.5 inches long. Brittney did great! He came a little early (He was 38weeks). We are so glad he is here. What a blessing! Born With a Lung Infection:  About an hour […]

Hales Family Happenings – May 2016

By Jesse and Rebecca Hales Dominican Republic With the headlines in the news now days it seems like sensible people need some encouragement.  To be honest though this has not been the month to write a very uplifting report full of rainbows and sunshine.  In fact, this month had an ongoing theme of real heartbreak […]

News From Ricky Williams

TWO OPPORTUNITIES TO HELP Our Bible Institute in Aquismón, Mexico and her extension courses across Mexico continually struggles to have sufficient funds for operation and upkeep. One plan that is helping is the rental of the property to church groups during the summer or on weekends for Christian meetings and summer camps.  Those funds help […]

Lingle’s Newsletter – May 2016

By Brandon and Brittney Lingle Thailand Hey Supporters! Greetings from Khao Yai (Big Mountain)! We just took a little family vacation 2 hours north east of our home. We enjoyed a nice 2 night getaway before the new baby comes. We have a video for you at the end of the newsletter to show you all we […]