DiscipleGuide Cross-Collaborates

DiscipleGuide is leveraging the strength of its resources through cross-collaboration. “Many people forget that DiscipleGuide is comprised of three divisions: Camps, Conferences, and Literature,” states Executive Director Scott Attebery. “While all three are powerful in and of themselves, imagine the impact they can have when working together.” As a first step, DiscipleGuide is preparing to […]

From Facebook

From Wade Allen via Facebook Heard a pastor pray today, “Thank you, Lord, for the Baptist Missionary Association of America. Because they cared enough to send missionaries, our lives have been changed forever.” Blessed!    

Serving the Servants of God

By Ron Chesser, Executive Director of Ministers Resource Services (from Mission:World – May/June) The ministry of Ministers Resource Services is unique to any other department of the BMA of America.  While we aren’t planting churches, broadcasting the gospel, training individuals for ministry or sharing the Word through print, we are serving those who minister in every […]

Salvation and Moral Living

By Dr. John M. Adams, Executive Director of Moral Action (from Mission:World – May/June) Moral Action ministries joins hands with BMA Missions, Lifeword, DiscipleGuide, BMA Seminary and Ministers Resource Services in working to reach the lost with the eternal message of salvation and moral living.  Salvation is essential to eternal life, while moral living is essential to […]

2012 Walk for the World Winners

By Diane Ward, National Walk Coordinator Lifeword is pleased to announce that Kewanee Baptist Church in Kewanee, Missouri, is the top giving church for the 2012 Walk for the World. We commend them for raising $20,100 for the annual event. Kewanee came in second place as top contributor in 2011, third place in 2010, and as […]