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Roof for Multi-Use Facility Started

As you can see in the photo, work has begun!  Thanks to the generous offerings of one church in Texas, five columns will be built.  Two columns have been poured and work on the other three progresses. That just leaves seven (7) left to raise funds for. In case you are wondering how much the remaining seven columns will cost, at the present it will be $4,750 dollars for the seven. I say at the present because the price of steel rebar, cement, and other materials increases each month.

The Plan

The plan for roofing the basketball court is to not only have a covered area for basketball, but also a multi-use facility for camps as well as our own BMA of Mexico meetings. Although five columns have been poured, we still lack seven at a cost of about $500 dollars each.  The price of steel and concrete increases each month.

The Roof

The contractor has drawn this preliminary sketch of the roof structure. The cost of the material and labor is $16,718 dollars.  Just as I mentioned above, the material may very well increase each month. Some  brothers from churches both here and in Mexico have expressed interest in donating their labor as welders.


I was in Jacksonville, TX June 13-17 for a DiscipleWay training course at BMATS.  This was in Spanish.  In July I will be coordinating a Systematic Theology 2 course for Latin American virtual sites.  Dr. Erickson will be the teacher. In August I will be traveling to Bolivia to speak at the Bible Institute´s alumni retreat and then from there I will go to Peru to join Dr. Charley Holmes for a Homiletics course that will be taught live there and in other Latin American sites virtually.  Please pray for my travel and funds for the ministry

Where to Give

Funds for either my ministry or the Basketball Roof Construction can be sent to BMA Missions, P.O. Box 878, Conway, AR 72033. Please mark funds for my ministry as Ricky Williams Work Fund.  If they are for the roof construction, mark them Williams Special Projects-Roof fund.

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