Summer ’16 Compass to Focus on the New Testament Message and Messengers

CompassGraphicDiscipleGuide is pleased to continue offering Compass Bible study users a survey of the entire Bible through our “Big Picture” series. For the past several quarters, Compass has surveyed individual books of the Bible in an attempt to give readers a bird’s-eye-view of Scripture. As with any genre, book, or passage of Scripture, a lifetime could be given to explore the depths of God’s truth. The goal is to provide believers with a better understanding of the whole of Scripture.  Sometimes seeing a large map helps you navigate specific terrain.

The summer quarter will focus on the message and messengers of the Gospel of Matthew through Second Thessalonians. Special emphasis will be given to the heart of Christ’s saving message and how rapidly it travelled throughout the world after his resurrection. Lessons centering on epistles will highlight the gospel foundation, purpose, and mission of the local church.

For more information or to order Compass, go to or call 800.333.1442 today.

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