The Five Problem People in Every Church and How to Deal with Them

Conflict is difficult –especially in churches. Yet every pastor must deal with difficult people who frequently create problems for the congregation. But how are pastors supposed to talk to difficult people? When does a pastor approach a difficult person? How is the gospel seen when dealing with a difficult person?

For the March 2016 Tuesday Talks, DiscipleGuide Church Solutions Director Todd West will discuss five problem people found in most churches and share ideas for dealing with them peacefully. Todd will draw on pastoral experience as he addresses gospel-centered measures for solving issues while helping the problem people grow in Christ.

Tuesdays Talks is released the second Tuesday of each month at 10 a.m. Each webcast covers a wide variety of subjects that seek to strengthen the church and equip pastors. Tuesday Talks can be seen on DiscipleGuide’s Facebook page and at You can also follow along with each broadcast on DiscipleGuide’s Twitter (@DiscipleGuide). If you miss a Tuesday Talks or want to see a previous one, visit

Future 2016 Tuesday Talks webcasts include:

  • “Delicate Souls: Responsible Child Evangelism” with David Moore
  • “Should I Have a Membership Class?” with Adam Thomas
  • “Cultural Shifts Every Church Must Be Prepared For” with Brandon Cox
  • “Responsible Sermon Prep: Because Souls are at Stake” with Dr. Joel Slayton
  • “Becoming a Community Church” with Brett Lester

More information on each Tuesday Talks will be made available on DiscipleGuide’s Facebook page and at

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