Update from the Lingles

First Buddhist Funeral:

Our helper’s father past away last week. He was working on a large truck tire and it exploded. The cremation ceremony was a lot different than I expected. It started with about an hour of chants from the monks. After that they passed out flowers to everyone to lay in the casket. That is what everyone is doing in the picture above. While we were walking up to the casket people were throwing candy and coins to the people there. I thought that was odd, but apparently that is a part that attracts people to come and give merit on behalf of the dead. They believe you can still make merit in these last few days on behalf of the dead.

After everyone finished laying their flowers they started the cremation process. All the sudden, loud fireworks came shooting around the temple. Lots of birds were being set free at the same time (a way to make merit). I left very sad. Not only for our friend losing her father, but for all the 100s of people there that don’t know God.

Teaching at North Bangkok University:

A few weeks ago I invited Jo to come and share with my class tips and encouragement for learning english. It was good for the students, and it was good for them to get to meet him. I’m thankful to have a friend and teammate like Jo. If you don’t know he is going to be the pastor of the church we plant together.

We have still been meeting at our house Saturday nights for “Conversation Night.” It has been fun to see how the college students have become good friends with our families. We even have 3 students who will just “drop by” today and visit. It’s good to have our home as a place for others to come and hang out and visit. God has given us many opportunities to hare our hope and faith in God with them. We pray for many more, and that they would come to know the God we love.


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