Serving the Servants of God

By Ron Chesser, Executive Director of Ministers Resource Services (from Mission:World – May/June)

The ministry of Ministers Resource Services is unique to any other department of the BMA of America.  While we aren’t planting churches, broadcasting the gospel, training individuals for ministry or sharing the Word through print, we are serving those who minister in every department and church.  We serve those who serve others; we serve the servants of God.

As Christians, we are challenged to make disciples of all nations. We must remember His call on our lives and make a renewed, firm commitment to seeing others become true followers of Jesus.  The BMA of America must hasten in carrying out the great commission. Every department of the BMAA has a distinct function in the winning of lost souls, planting of churches and discipleship making. With this process of integration, we are moving as an association in intensifying our effort of making disciples of all nations. Let’s pursue with diligence every God given opportunity for ministry as we commit to God a renewed motivation for discipleship.



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